happy father's day

Monday, June 20, 2016

Growing up I had an amazing dad. He was always there to do fun things with us, teach us, support us, and most importantly love us like crazy. I thought everyone had that. It was as I grew older and became an adult that I realized exactly how lucky I am. My dad is truly one of a kind :)

Thankfully my kids will have the same experiences growing up as I did. They also have an amazing dad that would do absolutely anything for them. He coaches every sports team they are questions asked. He goes to school functions, helps with homework, cooks dinner for them, teaches them a strong work ethic, shows his love for God and most importantly loves them like crazy! 

 With so many kids growing up without their fathers these days I feel like we are very lucky. So to celebrate these great dads in our life we had a pool party because, well, that's what we do best these days ;)

Happy Father's Day!!!!

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