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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lately "expectations in life" have been on my mind...a lot. I feel like many people around me are dealing with being let down by expectations. I once read this quote and fell in love with it because it seems true in so many ways.

"Expectation is the killer of happiness"

I think this is especially true for moms. I mean how many times have you planned the perfect afternoon or vacation making sure every little detail is perfect and then bam...someone ruins it. Or something ruins it. This has happened to me SOOOOO many times in my life since becoming a mom. It can leave you feeling very defeated and down. One thing that I've learned is the lower your expectations are of something the better it will be :)

Looking back when I was a child I had this grand view of what my life would be like. While most girls were reading teeny bopper magazines I was browsing Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens picking out and imagining what my house and family would one day look like. Funny enough I always imagined myself living in a large mountain chalet. The details are blurry but of course I was married and had a large family with usually 5 or 6 kids. This was my dream. This is what I expected my life to look like. 

And it doesn't

Not even close. Here's the's okay! It's okay for your life to take different turns then you expected. That's life! I couldn't be happier in this life I have and while my "expectations" were not met I'm completely fine with that. Accepting change is essential in today's world. I have friends and family who are going through major disappointments in their life right now and I look at them and really feel for them. I know what they are going through is hard. I know it doesn't make since and I know it feels unfair. With a world where social media is so important, constant reminders of what others have and what you don't can be very dangerous to happiness (the main reason I left Facebook years ago). Behind those perfect pictures that are posted are real people and family's dealing with their own stuff. I am pretty sure there is no one in the world who's life is exactly how they always dreamed it to be ;)

All this thinking about expectations came about when Cameron called me from work a few weeks ago asking me if I wanted to go to Los Angeles with him to meet his birth father. He's been thinking about this for a few years and together we found him. So we are heading for LA tomorrow for this very big meeting. I am nervous for him. The last time his father saw him he was a month old. The funny thing about this is Cameron said he has no expectations of this meeting...all he wants is closure. This alone blows my mind. I am so impressed with his outlook and I really feel this is the best way to go into this weekend.

Having no expectations is freeing

Expectations in life takes the power out of your hands. Take back your life by just living in the moment and understanding and accepting God's plan. In the end he is really, truly the one in charge and all we can really do is go along for the ride :)

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