conquering fears

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's safe to say that summer is in full swing over here...

Our mornings are spent with the boys at camps and afternoons and evening in the pool. We have pretty much spent the last 3 days in the pool :)

Everyone except little Miss. She was not a huge fan and only stayed on the sun porch. That is until Sunday evening.

We were all out swimming and she was finally letting me hold her in the water and I thought she might let me try her floaties on her again. At first she was VERY reluctant. This is nothing new to our family as Asher as also pretty scared of the water when he was her age. With a lot of encouragement from her brothers she finally was brave enough and after 30 minutes of me holding her in the water she was on her own!
And having the best time.
Now I can't keep her out. Yesterday alone we spent 5 hours in the pool (and today we are paying for it with out pink shoulders).
I am so proud of my little sweetie for facing her fear head first. Even the littlest people can have great fears. It's in being brave enough to face them that you grow :)

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