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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

And so our trip to Rome was finally over. On our last night there we had dinner at an amazing villa that overlooked the city. 
The food, the wine, the opera singers was all almost too much. 
I was so happy about our trip but had many mixed emotions (one being dread of the 10 hour flight). I was ready to get home to my kids because we missed them so much but I wasn't really ready to leave yet. I cannot wait to come back with the family and share this magical place :)

I cannot wait to travel the world more. Just get out and see everything! Experience all different kinds of people and cultures. This trip changed so much in me and made me such a better, truer person.

And a little larger in the hip area person because!
The food was just too much. Seriously the best food I've ever had! I am still dreaming about it and feel completely spoiled. Every time we go out to eat now I look at Cam and say "that was not as good as Rome" ;)
and some of us tried giant beers ;)
I myself  preferred the margarita we found at one of the only Mexican food restaurants in the whole city! 
Even that food was delicious! Great Mexican food in Rome...who would have thought it?!

Every thing there is big and amazing. I mean seriously everything! 

While we were there everyone kept saying you have to go see the Trevi Fountain. I thought what is this big deal fountain they keep talking about. 
 yeah you could say it was pretty cool??!! Ha!
 It's seriously it's own building. And seeing it at night added to the awesomeness (is that even a word)

Overall our trip to Rome a word...perfect! My life definitely wouldn't have been the same if I didn't go :)
 I had the time of my life with my very best friend :)

And received a pretty cool souvenir from the company, a rosary blessed by Pope Francis. This Rosary has inspired me to be diligent about saying my daily Rosary. 
 and the drink is my new fav Starbucks go to...Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk

Thanks for the memories Rome!!!!

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