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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

This is our family's first year of dance and let me tell you...we might just be a dance family now ;) Friday evening was Asher's hip hop dance performance and Saturday afternoon was Amelia's. Both killed it! Both were adorable and both made me a little teary eyed :)

I am so so proud of Asher for trying something new and stepping WAY out of his comfort zone. He was very dedicated this year and always gave 100%. His performance was flawless and he showed great leadership to the rest of his class!

Amelia was beyond precious. She was so excited as we were getting dressed to wear a little blush and lip gloss :) She was the ONLY little girl in her class that did the entire dance. My heart almost exploded as I watched her. She is a little shy so we were not quite sure if she would even do the dance once she got on stage but per her usual self, she surprised us. I see a long future of dance ahead for us and I cannot wait!

And having your best friend there always makes everything more fun ;)
Love these 2 cuties!

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