Friday, May 27, 2016

Ever since I came home from Rome I've been wanting to do a post about it. But here this thing...I had no idea where to start or put it into words. This trip was amazing! Seriously life changing for me and I adored every.single.second!  It opened my eyes to entire world out there I had no idea existed. I feel like I now have the "travel the world" bug but my new found love of traveling will have to wait a few more years for Amelia to get older ;)

So without further ado...

Our Rome Trip

When I first found out we were going to Rome I immediately thought to myself "how am I going to endure the flight?!" I am not a huge fan of flying or flying long distance and the whole thought of a 10 hour flight freaked me out just a bit. We flew from Austin to Newark and then Newark to Rome. The flight from Newark to Rome was 8 1/2 hours and was overnight. We were arriving in Rome at 7:30am (FYI Rome is 7 hours ahead of central time). At first I was so happy it was at night because I figured we would sleep most of the way. We upgraded our seats so we would have more leg room but it wasn't first class where you get a bed (hind sight the bed was worth the money). When we got on the plane we had our own tv with tons of movies and tv shows to watch for free. We also had a map that showed us where we were!
I loved this and checked it quite often ;)

So here's the skinny on the was AWFUL!!!!! Probably one of the worst travel experiences ever. We couldn't sleep and had already been awake for almost 24 hours. When you are beyond exhausted and cannot sleep it feels almost like torture. Taking something to help sleep...well that didn't help us sleep. At All. Never in my life have I been so miserable. Around 5am I was just sitting in my chair, past the point of sleeping when I looked at the map and saw we were flying over France. I looked out the window and saw all the little villages with their lights on and suddenly started feeling better and very excited about landing in Italy. I also got to watch the sunrise which was breathtaking. Seeing it happen, above the clouds, a moment for sure I will never forget. Then we landed and while we were insanely exhausted we got a pump of adrenaline and were suddenly very excited.

Here's the thing...the airport isn't in Rome. It's about an hour away. So we hoped on a bus and road through the countryside. The thing is Italy looks alot like where we live in Texas. And the weather felt just like back at home...very humid and muggy. Exhaustion was starting to set in at this point and my mind felt very fuzzy. 

Then we got to Rome. 

Everywhere you look is history. The most amazing buildings you have ever seen. Cameron and I were in complete awe.
The ruins of an ancient bath house

Once we got to the hotel we checked in and ran up to the room for a 2 hour nap. Then we headed out on a walking tour around town.
 St. Peter's Basilica in the back
One thing I loved about the city is there are no skyscrapers. Nothing can be taller then St. Peter's Basilica.  It really feels like you stepped back in time while you are there. 

Also all the cars are tiny! Ha! I noticed that right away ;)

When people ask me what my fav part of the trip was I have to say the food as part of it! OMG the food was just so amazing. And after eating it you don't feel full and nasty like back here in the states. And the wine...oh could get dangerous how good it is :)
The people are so kind and helpful and pretty much everywhere we went they spoke english. I did love the Italian language and listening to the people speak it. It's so beautiful.

Our second day there we visited all the ancient ruins of Rome. 
 It's been a dream of Cameron's to visit the Colosseum and it didn't disappoint. Standing in a structure that was build in 70 AD truly takes your breath away. 
After the Colosseum we headed over to where to "downtown" area of old Rome was called the Roman Forum.

 These buildings are huge! It's so hard to describe or imagine unless you are there. How these people built these massive buildings that have stood the test of time is amazing.
 The rock where Julius' Caesar was cremated after his assassination.
This building was in a different area, it was built and designed by Michaelangelo. 

Our day walking around town was so much fun. I honestly could have walked longer if they allowed it. Cameron and I just could not get over how beautiful and massive and old everything was. Structures that are 2000 years old...there is just nothing even close to that back home. Unforgettable!

Because I only have a bazillion pictures I am going to break up these posts ;) Next one will be of Pompeii and then Vatican City!

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  1. So amazing!!! Can't wait for more!!! Trip of a lifetime!!!!


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