a whole year!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How in the world has it been a WHOLE year since we moved in?! I seriously cannot believe it. Easter Sunday we celebrated a year since we signed the papers and it was officially ours but today we celebrate a year since we moved in. I can still remember how I felt moving in and now today so much has changed here in Escondidio. Many memories have been made with many many more to come. Makes my heart happy just thinking about it!

Here's a little flashback to our first few days here

It has taken a full year to be completely settled and man it feels good. Just last week I finished my last room makeover. I walked around and couldn't believe how far everything has come in a year. A year ago there was nothing here but bare walls, clean floors and countertops and quite rooms. Today the walls grace pictures that are dear to us, the floors are a little dirtier and the rooms are very loud with laughter, conversations, sometimes tears but mostly all the rooms are filled with love. I think at this point we are all happier and more grateful then we could have ever imagined :)


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