valentine's day 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

This was our 16th Valentine's Day together. 16 years spending Valentine's with the same person is pretty special if you ask me. I can still remember our first one. We were in college and he made me dinner at his house. My present was a ladybug sprinkler that I had mentioned to him I thought was cute. It was simple yet perfect and I will always remember it.
Fast forward 16 years. A lot has changed, we have a few more little Valentine's in our home and the love...well it's bigger then I ever imagined it could be. Cameron surprised me with a night away in Austin with yummy food, a fun play and a room at a gorgeous/trendy hotel. It was so much fun and so needed for the both of us. Time away from the everyday, a chance to just be us.
He always makes me feel special. He always takes the time to show his love. For that I will be forever grateful and thankful :)

Happy Valentine's Day 

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