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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lent started yesterday with the arrival of Ash Wednesday. 
I have to say when I looked at my calendar this year I felt it quickly sneaked up on us ;) Every year as the kids get older, I look for new ways to walk the lent journey. Ever since they were pretty young I force encourage them to give something up. Our whole house (no matter what age) also abstains from meat on Fridays during Lent and on Ash Wednesday. This year here are some new things we are incorporating into our Lenten Journey.

Lent Cards
I found these cards over at Team Whitaker and just fell in love with the idea. So I printed and laminated them and every morning the boys are drawing one out of a basket and that's their goal for the day. I had to laugh at a few of her cards like "Fasting from Showering" because for my boys that would not be hard, that would be a blessing. That one might not make it in the bowl ;)

This one is particularly for me. I stumbled upon this journal idea on Instagram and thought it would be helpful for me to stay prayerful during this time. 
You can buy it here

I bought it and sent it off to Kinkos to be printed and binded (it's 81 pages so it was a better idea to have it printed then use all my ink and paper). 
So far I love it and look forward to using it these next 40 (or so) days. 

These things are just going to further help us grow stronger in our faith. We also each have personal goals to work on as well whether it be fasting from something, praying more or working on something we are struggling with in our life at the moment. My goal is for this Lent to more meaningful so at the end when we celebrate Christ's resurrection we are overjoyed and more full then ever before.

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