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Saturday, February 13, 2016

This poor poor room has pretty much been a disaster since we moved in last April. I mean a SERIOUS NEEDS LOTS OF HELP disaster ;)
It's been my storage for anything I don't want to deal with {doesn't everyone have a space like that???}
When we moved in I had a vision of what I wanted but other rooms were calling for my attention so I just let this one go. Until this year of finally settling into Escondido.

Welcome to Our Guest Room
I am seriously so proud of how this room has turned out. It's absolutely gorgeous. I have dedicated this room to my quite prayer/devotional space.
This tray Cameron and I bought before we moved in at a furniture store because it looked so cool. We had planned to put it in the kitchen but after we moved in, it just looked to big in there. So in the closet it went waiting for the perfect space. Now it has a home and I just love it. I wanted to keep the top of the dresser simple so the tray, family picture and then the very cool flower {TJMaxx} was exactly the look I was wanting. I decided on the 2 square mirrors pretty much because I wanted the silver/chrome look in here to balance the picture on the other side of the wall and these were the only ones in that color at Target. Initially I was nervous that they would be so small but next to the tall plant they fit perfectly :)
I have had my eye on this bedding pretty much since we moved in waiting for it to go on sale at the right time. Finally it did and I just had to grab it! 
{Bedding from Target}
The throw pillows were the pillows on the couch but I decided to move them in here because of how perfect they looked. I love the dimension they add to the bed.
The picture above the bed was an old ugly not really our style painting we bought when we first got married. It had a gold trim I painted white and then used this wallpaper I bought at Target to just cover over the top of the painting. I love how it turned out and now gives a modern feel without overpowering the space.

This chair. This chair was the center of my entire design idea for the room. This is the chair I rocked all my babies in at Windmill Cove. When we were moving Cam was like "let's sell it since we won't need it anymore." I will NEVER sell this chair. To many long night memories, too many snuggles, way to much love in one chair :) So we put the chair in storage waiting for the perfect time to bring it out. I knew that this room would be a perfect home for it and when I found the bedding at Target is when it all started coming together for me. The day Cameron went to get the chair I was so excited to see it again and sit in it! He pulled into the driveway, got out of the truck and had the weirdest look on his face. "I hope you're not going to be mad at me," was the first thing he said to me. "The chair flew out of the truck as I was driving and I think it's broken." I seriously almost cried. He pulled it out and I saw the tears on the arms, the back is a little wobbly and it was covered in black. "No big deal, I can work with this." And work with it I did. I spent about an hour cleaning it, trying to mend the tears and fix the back. It's still works great...just has a few more memories on it now ;) 
The "Be Our Guest" picture is something else I knew I wanted to incorporate somehow. I already had the frame and mat so I scoured Etsy for the perfect print and found this one. I just love how great it looks...absolutely perfect!
These antique finds were from our daycation in Waco. I was already working on the room so when I saw them I knew they would work in here. $7 a piece y'all! Now that's good deal ;)

So there you have it! Our new and improved guest room :) I achieved all my January goals with the house and have started February. I can't wait to share what we have going on this month :)

February House Goals:
Master Bedroom
Living Room
Amelia's Bathroom

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