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Monday, February 22, 2016

It's Monday again. I actually LOVE Mondays! Everyone {except Sissy} is gone and I can really repair our home after the weekend ;) Here's 5 things going on...

1. Laundry
I'm thinking I have about 8 loads to get done today. Yesterday as the kids were picking up their rooms and laying out their clothes {a new Sunday tradition} Asher so kindly yelled down that he was on his last shirt and pair of shorts. So laundry it is today...

2. My Lenten Devotional
I am really really really enjoying my new devotional.
It's speaking right to my heart and really helping me focus on ways I need to change. So far it's opening my eyes to lots of things that are going on that I wasn't quite aware of. At church this Sunday they talked about the importance of prayer and I couldn't agree more. We always pray everyday but setting aside time for me to really talk to God is life changing.

3. My Fireplace
Over the weekend we completed our big fireplace project and I cannot wait to share it! Cameron is my partner in crime when it comes to projects and I am thankful he is a DIY'er like me ;) Be on the lookout for our living room reveal!

4. Gardening
This year I will plant my very first garden and I am so excited! Cameron built me these beautiful garden boxes last summer and this year I am really hoping they are overflowing with yummy veggies. 
look to the far right
I have been all over Pinterest getting all the info I can for a successful garden. Just deciding what to plant alone is rather taxing. I want to plant what we will eat because that just makes sense. 

5. Rome
And last but not least my mind is on Rome. 

Here's how my Thursday went a few weeks ago
Me: Just sitting in the car waiting for Sissy's dance class to start when I see Cameron is calling me {which is weird because we never talk during the day unless their is a problem} "Hey Babe what's up" 
Him: "Hey what are you doing April 7-13?"
Me: "Umm I'll have to check my calendar why?"
Him: "Want to go to Rome?"
Me: " Umm what???!!!!"
Him: "Yeah do you want to go to Rome?"
Me: "Um WHAT????!!!!! I'm confused!"
Him: "Yeah I won a trip from one of the companies I sell for and we are going April 7-13."
Insert freaking out scream

You can pretty much guess how the rest of the conversation went ;) So yup, we are going to a few weeks...and it's seriously almost all I can think about. This has been a dream of ours to go for years and the fact that it's coming true {and paid for} let's just say I am still in shock. More on this trip later...

Be on the lookout for 2 big room reveals this week! Last week and over the weekend Cam and I were working very hard to finish our living room and master bedroom. They are both GORGEOUS!!!! Just picking up a few more things today and they will be complete :)

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