ski trip day 4: snowmobiling, hot tubs and playing in the snow

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wednesday morning we woke up early (again) because we had a scheduled snow mobile tour to get to. Thankfully Cameron was feeling really good and was ready to go for the day. It was snowing really hard outside and after watching the news found out that on the mountain it was going to be -10. Yikes! So we added extra layers to our clothes and out the door we went!

I seriously cannot even tell you how cold it was. I couldn't even take off my goggles and mask for the pictures ;) 

Cam, my brother in law Brandon and my Dad. This picture cracks me up because both Cam and Brandon have their eyes closed ! Ha!

Asher and I teamed up on a snow mobile and Cameron and Aiden got the other. Sissy stayed back at the cabin with my mom.

The scenery was absolutely amazing! I just couldn't get enough of all the snowy trees. They were magical. 

About halfway through the ride all the kids were crying because they were so cold ;) I mean this was some serious cold. Driving the snow mobile was so much fun...something I would definitely do again. After the ride was over it was really snowing and still really cold. Cameron wanted to stay and ski since the day before his time had been cut short. So my Dad, the kids and I headed back to the cabin where we all warmed by the fire snuggling little sissy and the boys and their cousin Alexi in the hot tub!

About 3 hours later Cameron called up to come and pick him up. Once we got back to the cabin I decided we needed to take some pictures outside. I'm so glad we did this because these are my favorite pictures from the trip!

View standing on the front porch of the cabin

The cabin

Since we were the only ones home we decided to take advantage of the family time and went in the backyard to play in the snow. Cameron was feeling so good and happy, the kids were just over the top happy to be in the snow and the whole time all I could think was how lucky we were. This was one of my fav times of the trip (yes I had a lot of these moments).
She loved eating the snow. We have a hilarious video where she's saying "I need more snow!" 

My snow angel 

 Our snowman (that Emily and Alexi built)

The day was so perfect. We ended it sitting by the fire (like we did every evening) watching our little performers

Our last day at Taos Ski Valley was coming upon us and we all still had so much we wanted to do!

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  1. That is some serious winter weather! Beautiful pictures!


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