ski trip day 3: skiing taos ski valley

Friday, January 8, 2016

The very anticipated ski day was finally here! We all woke up very early, ate a big breakfast, put on ALL the ski gear (man it takes alot) and headed to to the top of the mountain at 7:45 am. First stop was dropping off the boys at ski school (little sis stayed back with my parents). After we got our nervous yet excited boys checked in off Cam and I were to get our skis and hit the slopes!
Taos ski valley is gorgeous. It has condos, restaurants, little coffee stands all while be surrounded by gorgeous snow covered trees. It really felt magical. 
The good thing about skiing is it's kind of like riding a bike. Cam and I took the big lift to the top of the mountain. Once we were up there I was a little nervous that I might have forgotten how to ski (should have started on the bunny slope) but soon found out that I guess you never really forget. So down the mountain we went...
It was gorgeous and magical and so so so much fun! Cameron is a much better skier then me but we skied the slope together and it was the best! This little morning ski time we had together was my favorite part of the trip. 
After skiing the mountain a few times we were really missing the boys so we walked over to where ski school was to spy on them ;) At this point Cam was kind of feeling weird but we just thought he was hungry. The boys were so cute and looked like they were loving it! We picked them up and headed to lunch. At this point Cameron was feeling really really bad. I put our names on the wait list for a restaurant and he couldn't even stand up he was feeling so sick. Sick to his stomach, dizzy and breaking out in a cold sweat. I told him he needed to go to the medic on the mountain and see if it was altitude sickness (my sister gets this and has the same symptoms). So he left us to eat and went to the clinic. This restaurant was taking FOREVER and the whole time all I could do was wonder what was going on with him. He seriously looked so bad when he left us I wondered if he was even going to make it to the clinic. After an hour and a half, we left the restaurant and went over to the clinic where we found him lying in a bed with oxygen. The boys were so scared to see their Daddy like this :( He was running 101 fever and still feeling awful. After seeing the doctor the diagnosed him with severe dehydration (so bad his tongue was cracking) and a kidney infection. They hooked him up to an IV of fluids and antibiotics and gave him Zofran for his stomach. The boys and I left him to sleep and went and skied nearby for about an hour.
I was so worried about Cameron but I also really wanted to see how good the boys were skiing and snowboarding!
 Our first lift ride was pretty we were getting off the boys both skied into me and we all fell! We were cracking up!!!!! It was so funny :) After we got up and got going, they were so great and I was totally impressed! We skied an easy slope about 4 times and then headed back to the medic to check on Cam. He was feeling so much better at this point which I was very thankful for :) The boys and I sat and told him all about our skiing adventure and how we all fell getting off the ski lift and he loved it. We packed him up and headed back to the condo. We laid low most of the evening, ate dinner at home, watched the UT basketball game and warmed up by the fire. Cameron drank 24 bottles of water to rehydrate because we had a very busy and fun day ahead of us for Day 4!

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  1. Poor Cameron! Glad they were able to help him right there on the spot! Love reading all of your ski trip adventures!


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