ski trip day 2: santa fe

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 2 of our trip started with a relaxing morning at the hotel. We drank coffee, watched tv, played on ipads and just took it easy...we really needed that after the crazy travel day before. Plus my parents were flying into town that morning and our plan was to meet up with them before going to Santa Fe so we weren't in too big of a rush. Our hotel was right across the street from a Waffle House and waffles are Asher's favorite food so we got dressed and packed up and headed over there. It was lightly snowing outside and with the sun shining it was absolutely gorgeous!

After a yummy breakfast, stop at Redbox for some movies in the car and meeting up with my parents we were on the road for Santa Fe!
Bye Bye Albuquerque

A little over an hour later we were pulling into Santa Fe and headed straight for the town plaza. If you have never been to Santa Fe you should's absolutely beautiful! I just love this town and couldn't wait to share it with my kids.

First stop...Saint Francis of Assisi Church
It was so nice having my parents with us :) 

Asher lit a candle and offered up a special prayer

The church was amazingly beautiful. Everything about it felt magical. After we left the church we went to the town square for some shopping from the local Native Americans

Sissy slept almost our whole stay in Santa Fe ;)

After hitting up a few shops and buying a few souvenirs our next stop was the Loretta Chapel and the miraculous staircase.

The church was gorgeous. After more candles were lit and prayers lifted up we headed back to the car and set off for Taos!

Driving into Taos felt like a dream. Cameron and I were just in awe of the beauty of the land in New Mexico. It really was breathtaking for this flat land Texas family ;) Once we made our way to the condo it was almost dark out. We unloaded the car, got the condo set up nicely and just enjoyed our setting.

We couldn't keep Aiden out of the snow
our backyard

And the snow was perfect for keeping our beers nice and cold ;)

A few hours later we were joined by my sister and her family. After sitting my the fire and having a few drinks we were off to bed as we had an early morning of skiing ahead of us!

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