ski trip day 1: albuquerque

Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 1: Albuquerque

Our ski trip couldn't have come quick enough! I had started planning it during the summer, so by December I was ready to go! We woke up early last Sunday morning and headed to the airport for our 7:30am flight. Much to my dislike it was pouring down rain and in classic Kirchoff fashion we were late checking in our bags ;) After we all made it to the gate we were informed that the plane was running about 30 min late due to some bad weather in the Dallas area. We were actually pretty happy at this point because it meant that our bags would make it on the plane! Wahoo! 

We loaded the plane all smiles (and some nerves) ready for our first stop in Dallas!

Then we sat on the plane...

and sat...

and sat...for almost 2 hours. The weather in Dallas was so bad no one could fly in. At this point I was freaking out because our flight to Albuquerque was leaving at 9:30am and I REALLY didn't want to miss it. Thankfully we finally took off and made it to Dallas where we found out the Albuquerque flight had been delayed. Whew! We were good to go. So we grabbed food and found a somewhat comfy seat.

And then we waited...and waited 

and 3 hours later boarded the plane. 

At this point we were all pretty exhausted. Our original flight plan had us landing in Albuquerque at 10:30am (mountain time) so for us to be leaving Dallas so late was quite the bummer. But what can you do! So we were very happy and comfy on the plane ready to go when they announced that due to the hard rain we were going to have to wait to take off because they could not get our luggage loaded. So we waited another almost 2 hours in that plane. With a baby screaming the entire time in front of us. Let's just say it was pretty insane. 

Once the rain stopped they loaded our baggage and off we were! To my surprise little sister laid her head in my lap as we were taking off, fell asleep and didn't wake up until we landed. 

That was bliss. 

The flight itself was awful. There was so much turbulance they couldn't serve drinks or snacks and Aiden got sick on the plane. He was crying he felt so bad. At this point I was thinking that there is no way things could get any worse.

But worse they got...

After we FINALLY landed in Albuquerque off we were to get our bags. We were super happy just to be in New Mexico finally and couldn't wait to get the rental car and explore the town. 

Our original plan was to drive to Santa Fe up the Turquoise Trail but because it was already 4:30pm and everyone was hungry, tired and the roads weren't very good, we just decided to stay in Albuquerque that night. As we were getting a hotel room and checking in with the family we saw our bags come along the carousal. And they were soaking wet! I mean dripping wet, soaking wet. It was then we found out that the door to get the luggage in broke on the plane so while it was raining in Dallas our luggage was just sitting in it. 


The worst of it all was Sissy car seat. It was literally pouring water it was so wet. We just grabbed everything, laughed (a very little) and hopped on a bus to get the rent car. While we waited for the rent car I geared up all the kids in their snow gear because I could not keep them away from the little snow piles outside. 

They were so cute having their first official snow ball fight :) 

I gathered as many dry clothes as I could to cover the car seat so Sissy could ride in it. The rest of the evening was great! We checked into the hotel which was super nice, went and had an amazing dinner in downtown Albuquerque and ended the evening hot tubing and swimming at the indoor pool while our clothes dried in the dryer :)

We all went to sleep fairly early ready for day 2 of our snow skiing adventure!

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  1. Oh no! What a day! Glad you were able to stay positive! Can't wait to hear about day2!


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