school is out...for...Christmas!!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

School is out!!!! Wahoo!!!!! We all enjoyed sleeping in this morning. And little sister was so sweet as to not wake me last night ;) 

yes she still usually wakes up once a 3 years old...


The last day of school means wearing PJ's to school and parties all day! The boys look forward to it every year. This year they decided to wear their matching Snoopy Christmas pj's and sports robes.
I mean really how cute are they??!!

Amelia decided to get ready for the party she needed some makeup ;)

Then we put on her Christmas pj's and off to the party we went!
There was cookie decorating, cupcake decorating, photo booths, games, crafts and lots and lots of excited kids! It really was lots of fun.

I am so happy that school is over for now. We are going to see the Stars Wars movie this afternoon and then we are all looking forward to a relaxing week before Christmas. After Christmas we are going to be off for New Mexico and skiing for the first time as a family. I am so excited and nervous about this adventure :)

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