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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Here they are...our...

Christmas Decorations

I absolutely love our tree. We only had it a year at the old house so I could not wait to get it back out this year! It's just so pretty
tree from Hobby Lobby

And I love all of our special ornaments. Every year I buy one that represents something of that year. These are a few of my favs

Our mantle this year, while I love it, did not exactly turn out how I wanted.
trees from Target; wreath from Michaels

I had big plans to make my own stocking holders

and even ordered the decals but then lost them. Honestly I think they were thrown away which was a huge bummer. There is always next year though ;)
Our stockings are from Paisley Pockets and I just adore them!

Our front table looks so pretty

One of my favorite things to decorate with for Christmas is pictures. I just love looking back over the years.
I picked up the banner on the dollar aisle at Target this year. 

This sign though, is my favorite purchase of the year! I found it from a little shop on Instagram. And the trees I made 2 years ago. They are super easy to make and look perfect by the sign

I made these PEACE letter a few years ago as well. I always put them above the china cabinet at the old house so I just threw them up there this year as well. The more that I look at this space though, I think I'm going to create a village up here with fake snow, trees and lots of little houses. I've already started my collection for next year :) 

I could not wait to decorate this house for Christmas this year! The funny thing is though, as I was decorating it just seemed harder for me then years past. At Windmill Cove everything had a place. I knew exactly where it went and overall decorating was easier. This year as I started pulling things out of boxes I just felt lost as to where to put it. I think it's just going to take time to figure it all out.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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