{DIY Decor} Advent Wreath

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Every year for the past few years, I've wanted to make an Advent Wreath and celebrate Advent at home with the family. 
And every year something comes up and pushes this wish back another year. Well this year is the year! Something about being in a new house makes starting new traditions so much more meaningful. 

Making Your Own Advent Wreath

I looked at buying an Advent Wreath and while there are many beautiful options, I just decided making one was more up my alley ;) So off to Michael's I headed one day with coupons in hand to gather my goods. To my surprise they had a basic advent wreath to purchase.

Then I just picked a few fake flower stems to spruce it up.
All of this cost around $20 {with a coupon and sale items}.

I started by spreading out the green branches on the advent wreath. Then I just placed the flowery stems where I thought they would look good and secured them around the wreaths wire base.

I chose purple flowers because purple is the color of advent because

 "traditional purple for used for Advent to symbolize both the impending birth of Jesus yet also foreshadowing his death."

I have since added the white center candle ;)

So there it is, my homemade beautiful {to me} Advent Wreath!
Every Sunday before dinner we gather together and let the kids take turn lighting a candle, then I read the meaning of the candle along with the scripture that goes along with it.

It's been a really nice tradition this year that we are all enjoying. I think it's really helping the boys stay in mind of the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Is every Sunday always no! We didn't even do the first 2 on Sunday because of illness and scheduled events getting in the way. Does that REALLY matter? Nope! The fact that we are finding a time to do it at all is all that matters to me. I imagine as the years go on and the kids get older it might be more organized and I will look back on the first few years and laugh. Laugh about how Asher is REALLY scared that when he lights the candle he is going to catch the whole house on fire! Or that Sissy is usually yelling at us to turn on cartoons or mad about what I have put on her plate to eat! Just because something isn't picture book perfect doesn't mean that it isn't worth doing :) That has been a VERY hard lesson for me to learn but one that I am so glad I finally did!

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