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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Once upon a time I was a huge scrapbooker. I loved spending hours working on elaborate pages that one day my whole family would enjoy looking at. Then life really in the boys got older {like I said in the last post, the older they get the harder life gets} and adding a new family member, well scrapbooking became impossible. I still love taking pictures and just could not handle the fact that they might never been seen. Plus my poor house was being over crowded with photo albums and giant scrapbooks.

And that's when I discovered photo books :)

I absolutely love my photo books and here's why:
1. They take up almost no space
2. Easy to make and I can almost always find a great coupon to which they cost me nothing-$10.
3. They are so fun to look at because not only are there pictures but there are stories with those pictures.
4. My family really loves them! I have never seen my kids pick up a photo album or scrapbook I made and ever look at it. However, all the time our photo books are all over the living room floor because someone has been looking at them :) That makes my heart so happy.

When I first started making photo books, I made them by seasons. Then I wanted to be more personal so I decided on each kids birthday I would make them a photo book of the past year for them. At the end of the book, Cameron and I would write them a special letter about their last year and what it meant to us. They love these books! The boys cannot wait to get theirs in the mail every year around their birthday. Again, makes my heart smile :)

This year I am trying something new mostly because all these little photo books are beginning to stack up ;) I'm going to invest and create one big book of our whole year at the end of the year. Most of the books I buy at 8x8 but last year after our Disney trip I went ahead and made a 12x12. It was gorgeous! That's when I decided that every year I would just make a big 12x12 of the whole year but also keep making the kids their little 8x8 just for them.

Now there are lots of sites to make photo books but I love Shutterfly. One of my fav things about it is how you can use so many coupons at once ;) For example, in my recent Christmas card purchase I used so many coupons that I ended up saving $85! Kinda crazy ;)

Nowadays everyone takes pictures with their phones and what makes me sad is thinking that my kids might be missing out on all these special memories because I didn't take the time to create them into something they can hold. Get your pictures and create something beautiful that generations of your family can look back on and smile :)

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