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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

One thing my mom always taught me was when you were hosting a holiday to prepare for it days in advance. That was great advice my friends :) So today I set up and got all my tables for Thanksgiving dinner ready.

The table in the dining room was pretty easy. 

One day last week I stopped into World Market for some last minute things and picked up the table runner, turkey decorations, bud vase and paper place mats. At first I wasn't completely sold on them but now they are on the table I love how they turned out. One thing I love about my family is how informal they are ;) They won't mind at all eating off pretty plastic plates. I got these at Costco and thought they would look nice over the place mat. Napkins are from Michael's. The flowers I bought at our local grocery store and just picked out a few different types of flowers and once I got them home cut them different lengths and arranged them. It was actually really fun and I just think they are beautiful.

Now finding space for another table took a little thinking. Our "homework room" is actually a formal dining space so I just took our long desks, pushed them together, moved out the drafting table, put a tablecloth and runner over the desks, surrounded them with chairs and now we have an extra giant table! 
I also redid my chalkboard :)

I was actually surprised how good it turned out. This table will most likely seat most of the kids so I put down these cute activity placemats for them to doodle on.

 I also placed white jars with crayons and markers on the table for them to use. Add a few pumpkin and fresh flowers and that's one nice looking table.

We are also going to be using the 4 bar stools but I had to leave a space for my family to eat the next few days. I will set those settings up Thanksgiving morning.

When planning my tables I knew I wanted a few things...
fresh flowers for the centerpieces
comfortable seating
fun space for the kids

After my tables were finished I really felt like all my items were checked off. Make a list of what you want for your tables then follow those guidelines to make it a reality. For us incorporating children is so important because I want them to look back on these holidays and remember how much fun they were.

And if you were wondering how I got all this done...
arts and crafts thanksgiving clearance items from Michael's ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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