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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Parenting older kids always kind of scared me. I looked at tweens and teens and to be honest, thought they were weird ;) I wanted my kids to stay little forever.

But they didn't.

And honestly I couldn't be more happy about it. I love my big kids. I mean of course I love them, but I really love spending time with them. I love that we don't have to rush for bedtime anymore because they are older and stress me out a little less in the evenings. I usually put Amelia to sleep and then spend a little time with the boys. We talk about their day or really whatever they want to talk about. We read books together and laugh and talk all about them. Cameron usually puts them to bed a few nights a week and talks about guy stuff with them. We recognize that there are a lot of changes about to happen to them and want them to feel comfortable talking to Cameron about them. So he started those conversations with them already so they don't feel ashamed. It's just really fun and I am more and more looking forward to them getting older...something I honestly didn't think I would.

The thing with having kids of different ages is you get to appreciate where each of them is at. I think back and I believe if we would have had Amelia back when the boys were little I wouldn't really be enjoying time like I am now. Raising little kids is tough but it's more of a daily grind kind of tough. In then end I promise it's easier then raising bigs. As they get older it isn't so much about making sure they stay alive but making sure they are good people. Good human beings that will one day make good choices and be great adults. I always catch myself when I am talking to Aiden because he is going to remember all of this. He is almost 10...I can remember a lot from when I was 10. Cameron and I as parents have to be really careful what we say to him and how we say it. 

Through this whole world of parenting one thing that is important to us is creating a safe home environment and sharing our love of Christ. With these as our basic model we can grow from there and create fun traditions...things only our family does to make this time in our children's life special. 

Something that I read on Instagram months back really changed my view of motherhood. It was from Jen Hatmaker. She said

"Trying to remember when my car was filled with tinies and car seats and sippy cups. Now it is crammed with giant-bodied teenagers and tweens. It really does go very, very fast. I love Big Kids. You will too, Mama of Littles. Enjoy them now, but's don't won't use up all your best years while they are young. You'll enjoy them later too. Parenting is not an exercise in scarcity. There is always more to look forward to. Even when they have driver's licenses and college applications in the mailbox. We don't have to white-knuckle any season! The next one is precious too..."

And even though my bigs are not quite tweens yet I truly believe this is true :)

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