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Monday, November 16, 2015

Asher is in a Hip Hop dance class at the same studio Amelia takes ballet. He has been wanting to take this class for awhile but finally mustered up the courage this year. 

And I am so happy he did because he is really good. Like for real, this boy has the moves. 

I look at my kids and love how brave they are about trying new things. I wasn't like that at all as a kid {and still not really as an adult} so when they want to try something new without fear I am in full support! He could careless that there are only 2 boys in a class of mostly girls...he just wants to learn. Or that most boys his age aren't taking a dance class...that means nothing to him because he really enjoys it.

More then often I find myself drawing inspiration from my kids. I too want to be fearless and brave without fear of what others might think. 

Dance on my sweet on!

group shot from their Halloween dance...obviously mine is the skeleton ;)

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