Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween this year was so much fun but so very different from the years past. We use to live in the best neighborhood ever to trick or treat in. Now we don't...but that's okay :) Luckily our little town does a big trick or treating thing on Main Street. Yes Main Street is a real street with real homes ;) Every house gets very into Halloween with fun decorations, music and lots and lots of candy!

We started the morning carving our pumpkins. I love that Halloween was on a Saturday this year! This was also the first year I let the boys carve their own pumpkins.

Aiden was very serious ;)

Asher's turned out a little strange Ha!

And look how cute spooky our front porch looks :)

Then we decorated these fun foam houses I picked on clearance at Michael's.

Then we baked cupcakes and decorated them with Mummies. They were so cute!

And finally we got dressed...
Skeleton man, Anna and Luke Skywalker

Went over to my parents house for dinner and did a little trick or treating in the houses on their culdesac

And then off to trick or treat on Main Street
It was such a fun day and I am convinced that every year these holidays become more and more fun :)

Halloweens of the Past

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