{friday favs} homemade fancy coffee

Friday, November 13, 2015

I've been wanting to do this series of post for awhile now so I figured I might as well start this week or it might not ever happen ;)

Friday Favs:

Homemade Fancy Coffee

There is almost nothing better to me then a yummy cup of coffee. I use to have no problem zipping through Starbucks to indulge {anytime of day} on a cup of deliciousness. That was until my husband so very nicely brought to my attention how much I spent there in a month on our credit card bill. It made me a little sick at my stomach. I didn't want to be spending that much money on drinks but I really really LOOOOVVVVEEEE them!!!! And then I found this while browsing Target one day

And my life changed ;) I was hoping that it wasn't too good to be true but y'all this stuff is delicious! It's like the real deal! If you love fancy coffee and own a Keurig I highly recommend buying. You will not be disappointed. 

And then last week during my weekly Target trip I saw this

and yes it really is as good {if not better} then Starbucks. And I can make it at home and enjoy anytime I want with no guilt. Poor Starbucks isn't seeing me much these days but my wallet, husband and I are all much happier ;)

Happy Weekend!!!!!

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