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Friday, October 23, 2015

This week has been a great one! It's been busy, productive and fun. Oh and we are getting a glimpse of fall here in central Texas which always makes my heart happy. I knew I had a lot on my plate this week and decided I wasn't going to get stressed about it but enjoy. Man it's kind of surprising how a change in attitude can really control situations. Having a good and happy attitude made this week perfect for me :)

I have recently been introduced to a site called Thred Up. They sell and buy gently used clothes. After making a few purchases and being REALLY happy with the quality I am sold! I also decided to sell a few things in my closet and by doing that it encouraged me to clean out my closet. I absolutely love to organize and clean {I know so insanely strange} Watch for that blog and also a coupon from Thred Up ;)

We finally got around to Amelia's 3 year old well check this week as well. To my surprise my little 10 %'er is now in the 40% (30 lbs) and 50% (37 1/2") for weight and height! I guess a diet of yogurt, bananas and goldfish does a body good ;)
She is seriously the CUTEST!!!!!!

Preschool though for her is still a little bit of a struggle. Drop off is pretty rough and I hear she is still asking about me through the day. She is having fun and seems happy at pickup but I am not convinced this is something we are going to stick with for the full school year. Night time on preschool days is also pretty bad. I have to lay with her because she is so afraid I am going to "leave her" and Wednesday night I was in bed with her until 10:30. While I adore my kids and being their mother I also adore my evenings with my husband. So we will see how this goes...
Her not so happy preschool face  

Also this week I decided to take her to get her pics made in her Halloween costume. Once again my little miss did not disappoint ;) She was the cutest! 

I use to take the boys every year for theirs and those are some of my fav pictures. This is the first year I've taken her but want to make this a tradition with her as well.

After the pictures we made a day of it at the mall. We had brought her Build a Bear Bunny with us and stopped by the store to get a matching Anna dress for the bunny. She was so cute carrying around the bunny.

The Bunny even rode a few rides with her after lunch :)

And I got some Christmas shopping done! Woo Hoo! I am all done with Amelia and pretty much already know what we are getting the boys just waiting to see if it goes on sale ;)

Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Aiden is alter serving at 2 masses this weekend and other then that we are going out shopping for the boys Halloween costumes. It's suppose to rain all weekend so we are keeping it low key :)

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