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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cleaning and organizing are kind of my thing. I know that sounds very weird for some but I absolutely love it! I love it so much that last Friday I actually went to a friends house and spent the day cleaning out her daughters closet. 

And I loved every second ;)

Last week I decided that my closet needed some TLC. When we moved in I was so excited to have such an awesome big closet and for about a week it looked great. And then it turned into a big cluttery mess while I worked on the rest of the house. I couldn't take it anymore and needed this be beautiful once again.

The Big Closet Clean Out!







It's so much nicer and so much easier to find things. My fav new organizing tip is utilizing big plastic bins. Now these are not only for storing things in an attic. They are the perfect place to put purses. No lid needed...just throw the purses and bags in and voila! All of a sudden your closet shelves look organized and it literally took almost no effort. Plus it's easy to see whats in there when you need a new bag to grab.

Now on to the clothes...

I have recently become a huge fan of Thred Up. So much so that I have pretty much ditched Stitch Fix which I use to love! Thred Up is just so much fun to shop on and so much cheaper then Stitch Fix so I can get more. What is Thred Up you ask? Well it's a site {or app} that sells gently used clothes. I have bought 6 things so far and everything has been less then $20 a piece and is in perfect shape! Like I was shocked at how new it looked! Here are a few items I've purchased lately

Old Navy Puffer Vest $4!!!!

Papermoon Blouse only $12!

And my fav purchase so far...American Eagle Jacket only$14! Seriously looks new, not a single thing wrong with it!

This site inspired me to clean out my closet...wanna know why? Because they will buy your clothes! So I ordered a clean out your closet bag {for free} and started filling it up! You can either chose a store credit for your clothes or have the money put into your Paypal.

There are some guidelines to follow but it was overall pretty easy.

Now let's get cleaning!

My number one rule that I follow for cleaning out any space in my house is 

If it hasn't been worn, used or touched in a year it's gone!

There are only a very few exceptions to this rule. When it comes to clothes the only exceptions are if it's a very special outfit {this mostly applies to the kids} and then at that point I put it in a plastic bin. For me though, I only keep clothes that I actually wear. I also get rid of things that don't fit. There is absolutely no reason to hang on to things thinking they might fit you one day. Chances are if that day comes you won't want to wear it anyway ;) Get rid of it! Put something new and in style there instead! You will feel better I promise!

Another rule that I always follow is

Only use plastic hangers {except for pants}

Nothing can change your closet more then pretty clothes hung on nice plastic hangers. Invest...I means seriously they are not that expensive anyway. You will thank me :)

My last rule is

Get rid of anything that looks too worn

Now with this rule I mean get it out of the closet. Your closest should display your nicest clothes. Not tshirts that you wear to clean or run errands in. Fold those and put them in the dresser. When you walk in your closet it should inspire you to want to look nice that day :)

Utilizing these 3 rules should transform your closet pretty fast! 

Now for the fun! Here's a coupon for you to Thred Up!

It's $20 to spend and once you do I get $20 as well! This is a great chance to try it out and see if you like it as much as I do!

Happy Shopping :)

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