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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

These past few weeks have been pretty insanely busy.
{I know I've said that a few times in the past few posts}

So this blog is a jumble of everything {almost} that's been going on to get caught up m'kay? 

Here we go...

A few Saturdays ago Aiden had alter server training at the church. He was chosen to play the priest through the training and our priest Father Brian referred to him as Father Aiden. I got the biggest chuckle from that ;)

On that same Saturday, our library was hosting a Mario Kart Tournament. Aiden begged me to take him saying "it would be a dream come true." How could I say no to that? LOL! He did really well and finished in 4th. He, however was pretty bummed because he feels like he is the best player eva! This was a very nice humbling experience for him :)

Little Sister is taking a ballet class once a week this year and I have to say that 30 minutes might be mine and the boys favorite of the week! We are literally glued to the window watching every move she makes. It fills us with laughs and lots of "she is so cute" moments. Asher has also started a hip hop dance class at the same studio. He has only had 2 classes but is loving it so far!

During Asher's hip hop class last week, Aiden, Sissy and I stopped by a cute little restaurant right by the studio. Their food is amazing and so is this chalkboard wall for kids to draw on. Aiden drew these portraits of him and Sis and then they posed by them.

A few Mondays ago we celebrated my Dad's birthday! He turned the big 6-4 and as always it was fun all getting together :) 

My poor Aiden has been an allergy sufferer for most of his life. This year it's been baaaaaad. Like affecting his school work bad so I finally took him to get tested. And well the news as not great...he is allergic to everything they tested him for except cats and cockroaches. Every tree, plant, grass, mold, cows, horses, dogs, mice, rabbits and dust mites. We are going to try the new allergy drops with him and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get good results. 

Right after they pricked him...

Literally not even a minute later :(
And it only got worse. His poor little back was completely swollen up. He was quite the trooper though. We went to Texan Allergy and I HIGHLY recommend them. Their office was gorgeous but most of all the people were the nicest people I've ever encountered at a doctors office.

And I am sure Aiden is allergic to our backyard friends but we still venture out there almost every evening to feed them :)

I really really love where we live.

And some evenings little Sis decides to take a quick dip in the pool sans clothes ;)

Last Friday, Cam took off work and we headed out to Round Top for their big Antique Weekend. Little Sis accompanied us and we had a great time. The weather was GORGEOUS and the shopping was fun! If you've never been you really need to. It's quite insane all the shopping and people that are there. We had a blast!

My 1 big purchase were these plant holders. 

 Cameron's 1 big purchase as this cute little car. This girl can talk her Dad into anything ;)
She also talked {well not really} one of the shop owners into letting her have this yoyo. I guess when you are that cute and sweet you can get anything you want!

I almost died as I was walking through a tent and saw this portrait. It looked so much like Sissy! We dubbed it her long lost ancestor and I'm actually a little bummed I didn't buy it.

And here are my new planters with new plants looking oh so perfect by the fire pit area.

Last Saturday since Asher didn't have baseball we went to see my niece Alexi cheer. Sissy kinda just jumped right in and cheered the entire time we were there! It was too cute!
It's so funny to me that she used to be so shy. Not so much anymore ;)

And finally this week is Fall Break at the boys school. Since we are going skiing over winter break we decided not take big trip this year. Yesterday we hit up a skateboard park nearby that they boys have been dying to go to. Since my boys aren't really great skateboarders we just took their scooters. They had a blast! Plus the weather was really nice.

I love October! Actually I love all the months from September-December. The changing weather, the smell of the air, I just love it all.
We've been spending our evenings after dinner outside just enjoying this time. The cool air, the sunset, it all seems like a dream sometimes. 

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