{DIY Decor} Amelia's Room

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Well it only took 6 months to finish her room but who's counting ;)

Amelia's Room

I love her room...I really do. It's pretty much exactly what I wanted my daughters room to look like. 

When we moved into the house she was still in a crib and I decided {before me moved} that this would be a great time to transition her into a bed. And so far it's worked well. I think she thinks she is still in a crib because she does not get out of her bed {Neither did my boys when we moved them}. In the morning she just lays there and yells at us to come and get her. It's quite hilarious and I have to say I love it! Not sure how long it will last though ;)

So the bed...I bought it off Overstock. I searched everywhere for an all white iron daybed and found this one at a very reasonable price. The bedding is from Target; 2 large throw pillows I got on clearance from Pottery Barn Teen and the small throw pillow I got from this Etsy store. I absolutely LOVE it!

If you know me you know I love a gallery wall :) This one came from her nursery at the old house. I just updated 1 picture and added the name tag hanging because this wall is HUGE! 

The pink cubes on each side of her bed are from IKEA. I am quite sentimental and love to keep things with a special meaning :) The fake flowers were from my shower, the vase is what my parents brought me to the hospital when I had her (they had real flowers of course), the lamp is from my Aunt and the name puzzle is from one of my besties. I just love how they all look together.

The shelf another Aunt made while I was pregnant with Amelia and it was in her nursery. It was just too cute not to hang in here. The stuffed animal holders were an idea from Pinterest. I just bought plant holders from my neighbors garage sale and spray painted them. They've lasted a long time! The wreath is from the same bestie who gave Amelia the was hung on the door at my shower :)

This space is one of her favs in the room. She loves to come in here and read and I love to sneakily listen to her outside her door.

Now this little space is fairly new. Amelia started really becoming interested in dress up play about a month ago. I searched and searched for a cute way to display her things and one day while I was out running errands it all came together {don't you just love when that happens}! 
The mirror is from Target and was originally black. All it needed was a little spray paint. The shelf with hooks is from Kohls. I fell in love when I saw it and knew it would be perfect for her! Now all her clothes hang up and her shoes and tiaras fit perfectly in the shelf. The decal is from this Etsy shop.

My little lady LOVES to play tea party. I mean we seriously play everyday ;) We bought her this little table when we moved in and it's gotten quite some use out of it.

Now onto the tree...I LOVE this tree :) I bought the decal from Amazon and one of my great friends made the flower. These flowers are gorgeous! You have to see them in person to really see the beautiful detail.

Her shop is Leila's Flower Garden on Etsy {and you can find her on instagram as well}. I was so excited to hang these flowers and they were the last touch in her room. They really made it perfect and everytime Sissy comes in she says "I love my flowers."

So there is our little Sissy's room. It's so bright and cheery and we all love to gather in there and play with her. She's at the best age and playing make believe is all our favorite things to do now!

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  1. Her room is so adorable! Text me and tell me where you found those Frozen dolls. They are so pretty!


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