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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lately I've been on a major redecorating-finishing decorating room kick. It all started with the laundry room. Then the powder room and now as I walk around the house I notice all the other rooms that need to be finished. There's no better time then now, especially since the boys are in school and Amelia goes 1 day a week. This week I finished the boys bathroom and the playroom and I cannot tell you how much I love them both! Grab a cup of coffee {or whatever you prefer} and let's go on a walk through my upstairs :)

Boy's Bathroom

I love this bathroom! It's so cutely placed between their rooms and I feel like lots of secrets live in these walls. At night we keep the doors open and the boys talk to each other for a few minutes before bedtime. Sometimes I stand outside their doors and listen but most nights I leave and let their secrets stay between them and in these walls :)
shower curtain, rug, stools, towels and hamper all from Target
"A's" were made on our beach trip with sea shells we found. The print I came from the old house and was ordered off Etsy. I just absolutely love this Psalm. So fitting for a space shared by brother.
These 3 prints also came from the old house. All were purchased on Etsy and frames I grabbed years ago on clearance at Michael's.

Their potty room {surprisingly} is one of my fav rooms in the house. Not because what goes on in there but because of all the adorable little faces that grace the walls. I use to ALWAYS take the boys to get their pictures made. I absolutely loved to. When we moved I found all these framed pictures and wanted to put them somewhere but wasn't sure. Then I realized this was the perfect place! Floor to ceiling cuteness :)

Amelia loves this room and always runs in there and says "ah look cute baby Asher" or "ah look at Dish (Aiden)"

Next stop the...


This space sits at the top of the stairs and overlooks the living room in parts. When we first moved in I just put stuff up there that we had at the old house {minus the's all new}. Everyday I walked up there I just thought man this room could be so much better! So better I made it :) 

The theme is travel.

Couch from World Market. Pillows from Target. Blanket from PS I Adore You
Shelving unit from IKEA

The cute map idea I saw on Pinterest and then a friend of mine made one for her house and inspired me to do it in my own :) It's a USA road map that I glued to a cork board and then bought an open back from from Hobby Lobby, glued it to that and then hung. We are marking all the places we have traveled as a family with pins. As you can see we have many more places to visit ;) Then around the frame I will hang pictures from our travels. 

map, cork board and picture hanging kit all from Amazon

I bought the cute "Adventure Awaits Go Find It" decal from here.
I love vinyl wall decals. They are such a cost effective, fun way to liven up a wall. Just try not to go overboard...I think that's the key. I've been to homes where I feel like I just need to walk around and read it. Ha!

Originally I had nothing around the TV but one morning as I was sitting up there watching TV with the boys I realized that I needed to put something. I found these cute wooden board signs on sale at World Market and they were perfect! They not only are cute but stay with the travel theme. Then I took these wood shelves from IKEA that we had at the old house and spray painted them navy. I thought displaying the kids games and movies would be a fun touch for them. The decal above the TV is from one of my fav songs and was purchased from this store.
The striped ottoman is from Target, media stand from World Market and globe from an antique store.

Around the window I framed prints we had at the old house in new frames I bought {on sale of course} from Michael's online. Their online store is awesome and offers free shipping with a minimum purchase! The "HOME" light up sign I bought on clearance at Kohl's around Christmas. 

Off the playroom is a pretty big walkway that leads to the overlook, Amelia's room and bathroom and Asher's room. We had bought this very cool circular bookshelf from World Market before we moved in and this was the perfect place to put it. Now this shelf has been redone MANY times but after my girl's trip to Waco and a fun vintage suitcase purchase this shelf all came together.
Chalkboard came from the Homework Room

Love love love this old suitcase! Globe purchased from a little shop off instagram called Southern Junk.

Little suitcases I bought on clearance at Target back when we moved in, framed print from Etsy, sand hand prints from our beach trip a few years ago and all our photo books and scrapbooks from trips over the years. I also added some Angry Birds that the boys painted a few years ago.

So there's the upstairs. I hope you enjoyed your tour of 2 of the rooms. Amelia and I are going to work on a few changes going on in her room and bathroom today so hopefully in the coming days I will have that post ready to go!

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