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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sunday started off as a GREAT day! The kids woke up super happy, Cam and I had a great nights other words everyone was in a great mood. We decided to go to a later mass and the kids swim. Then they decided to eat breakfast poolside and I joined them with my coffee. It was perfect!

Mass was great and spiritually uplifting as Amelia was unusually pleasant :) Again we were all happy happy happy!
Milly bow and dress from Smocked Auctions

After Mass, Aiden and I had an interview for a video the school was making about raising money. Back when Aiden was in kinder, him and a friend did a swim a thon to raise money for the school and between the 2 of them raised $1400! 
So off the 2 of us went while Cam took the other 2 out to lunch and for a Home Depot run. The interview was great and afterwards we headed back home with a lunch stop at Schlotzsky's. Still, pretty great day. 

Then it happened. 

Almost as soon as I walked into the house I started feeling sick. I laid on the couch praying that it would go away and it didn't. By that evening I accepted the fact that I was indeed sick with a dreaded stomach bug. Ugh...

This is what happens when you spend the day with Daddy in charge ;)

I was sick all day Monday. So sick that Cam actually took Amelia to work with him for a few hours so I could sleep. Fast forward to Monday night as I was kind of feeling better I hear something in the bathroom. Yup...Cam is sick. Seriously??!! Sick at the same time!!!! So I had to muster up whatever energy I had and be Mom again on Tuesday which was HARD!!!!!

Anyway, we made it through and no one else got sick thankfully. Today Amelia and I are heading out to her Meet the Teacher at preschool. She will be going 1 day a week, starting next week, to this cute little preschool in town. I never sent my boys to preschool this young but with it just me and her all the time she is getting bored and needs time to play with other kids. I'm actually super excited and hope she loves it!

More on that tomorrow but for now I will leave you with some daily inspiration


'Catching Souls for the Kingdom'

Jesus said to Simon, "Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men." When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything and followed him.

Luke 5:11

God longs to commission each of us, just as he commissioned Peter. As we allow God to overwhelm us with his love, we, too, will hear the call to discipleship. We will know that we are unworthy of such an honor, but we will also know that, through repentance, we can be empowered by the Spirit to intercede, to forgive and to proclaim the gospel.

As our relationship with Jesus deepens, so too will our love for him, and, like Peter, we will want to forsake everything for God. Let us not be afraid to humble ourselves before the Lord and receive the commission he has for us. There is no greater honor than to be a servant of the Lord, equipped to "catch" souls for his kingdom.

- Leo Zachettin, Editor
Luke, A Devotional Commentary

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