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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last year on Aiden's birthday it really hit me how fast time is flying! When he turned 9 I had a mini panic attack...only 9 more summers with him at home...9 more spring breaks to take fun vacations...well you get the picture ;)

After Amelia was born we had to put vacationing on halt because she hasn't really been the best traveler. But I finally decided that we can wait no more to travel, it's now or never {well not really but I like the dramatics ;)}.

So the week after Christmas we are driving a VERY long 12 hours up to Taos, New Mexico to go on our first skiing trip as a family. I.Cannot.Wait!

The thing is though this trip has been very hard to plan. VERY HARD!!!!!! I have changed my mind a billion times, researched countless hours on the computer for months and here I am only a few months away from the trip and am still planning it all. At first it was just going to be our family, then my parents wanted to go and now my sister and her family are going. While this is all exciting, it does make planning a little harder then I imagined. 

With all that though I am still so super excited to go on this trip. My kids have never seen real snow and I am just dying for that moment with them. They have never seen mountains. This trip is going to present them with so many firsts and I cannot wait to experience them all with them :)

fireworks on NYE :)

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