"i not middy i a-me-ni-a!"

Friday, September 4, 2015

My sweet little Amelia is starting preschool 1 day a week next Wednesday. I didn't start the boys in preschool until they were 4 because we just didn't need to. I liked them having each other as playmates and preschool just seemed like something that would get in the way of our fun afternoons. This time around is different. First, all this girl wants to do is play! Play ALL.DAY.LONG. and no convincing her that our family needs clean clothes and dishes works as an excuse. I figured 1 day a week would be a great start for us venturing into this new territory.

Yesterday was meet the teacher. We talked about it all week (while we laid in bed because Mommy couldn't move most of the week) and went over things we would see and do. Now the thing is our sweet girl has lots of names however the only one she really answers to is Sissy. At preschool I asked if they would call her Milly. When we named her Amelia, Cam and the boys weren't a huge fan but they loved the nickname Milly so we all agreed she would go by that. Then she was born and all we ever called her, pretty much from the beginning, is Sissy. 

Over the summer I started calling her Milly so she would learn her name for school. Wednesday night as we were laying in bed I was pretending to be the teacher and said "Hello little girl what's your name?" She then said "My name is poo poo," to which I corrected her "no your name is Milly" and she looked at me with a very serious/slightly sad face and said "no mommy I not Middy I Amenia." 

So there you go. She is no longer Milly for now, she is her actual-real-name Amelia. And I love it!

Meeting the teacher was great. She was so happy and played and played and talked and talked and I had to literally drag her out of there! Her teachers are very sweet and I think it's going to be a very fun year :) 

And to her pleasure she is the only girl in class.

Dear My Sweet Amelia,
I absolutely adore you and think you might be one of the most amazing people I have the pleasure to know. I am so super excited for this new journey I get to see you on. I can't wait to see you get to be the big girl among your peers and what a great helper you are going to be to your teachers. I promise to not be sad as I leave you next Wednesday but so excited for you and all the new things you will learn on this great adventure we call life. May many doors be opened for you and whenever you meet a door that is closed that you force it open with all that you have.
Love you,

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