{DIY Decor} Powder Room Revamp

Monday, September 7, 2015

I had originally planned this lovely {and very hot} Labor Day to start with a lazy morning and then an afternoon at the baseball field, followed by a lazy evening. Well my plans kinda changed. Cameron decided to play golf really early with some friends so instead of being lazy I decided to be productive. I redid my powder room! I have been wanting to redo this room since the laundry room because it's SOOOOOOOO boring and it's right next to the laundry room so you see it when you walk by. Saturday I hopped over to World Market and bought the finishing touches to the room and had planned to get it done sometime this week. 

But I'm glad I did it today! 

Powder Room Revamp

This room was actually super easy to do and very cost effective! The whole redo was under $100.


Blah, blah and more blah


Le Bain sign from World Market

I bought these antique tin tiles on my girl's weekend in Waco. I had originally planned on hanging them in our master bath but changed my mind and think they stand out more here. I love them! I bought the ledge shelves at Target.

One of the biggest problems in this bathroom is lack of storage plus it's really small so I can't really put in a storage shelf. I found this cute white basket at World Market and knew that it would look great and the white would pop off the gray floor. Perfect toilet paper storage. I also saw this circle World Market rug and loved! I've tried rectangular rugs and they just seem awkward. The circle was perfect! I had thought white but white rugs get so dirty so I just went with gray. I was worried it would blend in but I love how it looks! 

And a cute hand towel for added color {also from World Market}.

This corner was so bare so I grabbed the little table I had in the living room and just moved it in here and found the plant in another room as well but liked how it looked here.

This room turned out perfect! Now I can leave the door open and enjoy looking in there when I walk by :)

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