15 months

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Aiden was only 15 months old when Asher was born. I knew it was crazy but it was all we knew and it was our life. Plus Aiden was seriously the best baby on the planet! So life was a little hectic and I remember many times I felt very defeated but again it was all we knew.

Our plan was to space our kids 3 years apart. Ever heard the saying "we make plans and God laughs" well that was definitely us ;) 

This whole 15 months apart gig has worked pretty nice for us though. The boys are best friends. I mean it's seriously amazing how well they get along. 

Their fav thing to do is after we tuck them in at night, Asher sneaks over and jumps in bed with Aiden and they talk every night. They thought we weren't on to their little late night chat sessions but when Asher hops off his bed it seriously sounds like the ceiling might fall. We just pretend not to know because we love it. It's so sweet that they come together at night to talk things over. 

I hope they always rely on each other for advice...even as adults. 

I've always told them that they are each others eternal best friend. They have to treasure their relationship, keep secrets for each other, give each other good advice and most importantly always have each others back.

Yesterday in the car they were talking about college and the conversation went a little like this...

Aiden "I think I am going to go to UT for a few years because I know that's were Asher wants to go and I want to go to school with him. I want to watch him play baseball...I will go to every single game."

Asher "And we can be roommates when I start college. This is going to be so exciting."

Aiden "But then I want to go to Texas A&M because they have the best Veterinarian school and I want to be a Vet."

Asher "But we will never see each other Aiden and I will miss you."

Aiden "Asher it's okay it's not that far and we can visit each other on the weekends and hang out."

Asher "Well only if I'm not married."

Aiden "Okay sounds like a plan."

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