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Friday, August 7, 2015

The back to school decorations that is ;)

These are some of my favorite decorations of the year because I just love back to school! I have always loved the start of a new school season and decided when the boys got old enough for school I would always make a big deal out of it. I want them to love school and look forward to it as well. And they do so I guess it's working ;)

I made an unplanned pit stop at Target on Tuesday and found loads of decorations of the dollar aisle on clearance. I think it was my lucky day!

This cute board, stand and stamps were all on sale. I looked on Pinterest for a cute school quote to write on the board. I love this! When I bought the stamps I had no idea how I was going to use them and love how cute they look here. It's perfect.

The globe we already had just somewhere's from World Market. The star tins I found in the Smith and Hawken section at Target and they were also on clearance. I love how I will be able to reuse them around the house. And hello a pencil bouquet is perfect and cost effective! The pencils were 54 cents a pack so I bought 3 packs for each tin.

This little treasure my boys made years ago at the Home Depot kids workshop. It's one of my fav decorations and they always get excited when they see it :) Asher said "Mommy I can't believe you still have this?!" He hasn't realized my hoarding sentimental ways yet ;)

I ordered the fabric banner from here at the same time I ordered the lace one that graces my mantle. If you are looking for a gorgeous and well priced fabric banner I highly recommend this shop. This banner is absolutely gorgeous!
The "2015" was another hot deal...25 cents! The apples were full price...a whopping dollar.

The little green apple was a purchase I made on my girl's weekend to Waco. I bought it at Clint Harp's store. He's the wood guy on Fixer Upper. It will usually live in my kitchen but for now what says back to school better then an apple. And the chalkboard...oh holy stress me out. I know it might look simple and quite easy but this chalkboard took away about 45 minutes of my life. I tried many different sayings, many different ways until I found this one on Pinterest. And now I love worth all the hardwork. And Cameron even complimented it which wasn't a surprise that he complimented me more of a surprise that he noticed it. So I know I did good ;)

School starts Monday...wahoo!!!!! This year for the first time I am planning a big Back to School dinner. Last year we were in the midst of deciding on moving during the first few weeks of school but saw all these cute back to school dinners on Pinterest and vowed that no matter where we lived I would start that tradition the following year. I am just so excited that we are starting this new tradition in our new home. I have lots of fun things planned and more surprise decorations so stay tuned ;)

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