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Saturday, August 8, 2015

So yesterday morning I woke up with big plans for the, laundry and getting all the kids stuff ready for school starting Monday. It was going to be great! ;) Then I walked into my kitchen and "the wall" was staring at me. What wall you might ask? Well the wall that has been driving me nuts for the past couple of weeks begging me to change it. 

This wall

Now I'm sure you are looking at this thinking umm seriously what's wrong with this wall? Here's the just wasn't working for me. I wanted something else there and had literally been keeping myself up at night thinking about it. Yeah kinda let my crazy out there

So here I am on a regular Friday morning thinking about this wall has to be changed. I start walking around the house looking for furniture to put there. I though about Aiden's dresser and turning into a coffee bar (which I have always wanted) but because you see this room from the living and it's kinda more in the dining then kitchen I just don't think a coffee bar would work.

And then I found the piece. I started unloading all the stuff inside and moved it to the space and you know was perfect! I decided to try out a few of my fav vintage Pyrex in there along with a few other things and fell in love. It was more then perfect...except for one thing...the color.

It was way to orangy. Here's the thing. This piece was my grandmother's and everyone in my family loves it and I was the lucky one to get it. So changing it might upset some. I thought about chalk paint but then decided not because that would change it too much. So I went out to the garage to see what I could find. To my luck I found a little bit of stain left from the mudroom project and it was the perfect color. So I started sanding. I decided just to lightly sand it (I mean hello I'm starting this project on a Friday when I have a million other things to be doing).

Just lightly sanded enough to take off the glaze it had on it.

Then I started staining

And to my happy surprise this whole project only took a little under 2 hours. After I loaded a few fun things in, this piece is exactly what I wanted for this space.

I couldn't be any happier. It looks perfect from the living room.

I bought some cute dessert plates from Anthropologie I found on clearance that I'm going to hang above it. Hopefully those arrive soon!

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