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Saturday, August 15, 2015

I had the feeling our Homework Room and coat/craft closet needed a little revamp before next week when the homework actually begins. With just a few simple changes it's turned into a great working space!

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I redid the chalkboard to this fun art I found on Pinterest to help keep the kiddos motivated.

I brought in their smaller chalkboard in case they need to work things out themselves on it and to give Milly something to do if she wants to be in there with them while they work ;)

I hung this cute shelf from World Market by their desk for their homework folders and other resources.

And I reorganized this antique toolbox. I found the glass jars on clearance at Michael's for $1 and new they would be perfect for keeping the pencils, markers and other working tools organized.

On their magnet boards I put incentive charts (also on sale at Michael's) for them to earn time on electronics over the weekend and to earn money getting their chores done. We have a strict no electronic policy during the week so this chart gives them a chance to earn an hour a day (Saturday and Sunday) by having good behavior (using manners, not interrupting adults and not arguing with me). The chore chart all they have to do is general chores (putting away laundry, keeping their bathroom tidy and helping with dishes) and making their bed everyday. They can earn a $1 a day doing this. Fingers crossed it works!
We will also hang their art work from school on it :)

Now for the closet. I've never revealed this closet because pretty much since we've moved in it's been for storage. It's a great closet and I've had big plans for it. It's huge! And it's right across from the homework room so my goal was to use it for storage for all the things we use in that room in order to keep the look in the room clean and simple. Get all that ;)

Sorry the lighting was AWFUL!

Those cute number baskets I've had my eye on for awhile at Target. I just wasn't sure where to put them. Well yesterday while I was wandering up and down the aisle the perfect place for them hit me! They will just pretty much store anything but make it look cute ;)

Did I say this closet it huge?! Well it is ;) So at the back of it I put the kids art towers filled with pretty much anything art related and lots of notebooks and papers. Then I bought myself a cute tower that I keep all my stuff in. The boys workbooks, their info binders and just random other supplies that I use.

I'm really hoping and praying all this organizing will pay off and make doing homework this year a little less painful.

I have been so busy finishing up decorating the house since summer kinda put a halt on it. I have a big project in the works for the playroom and then it will be ready to show! And the laundry room is getting a huge makeover over the next week which I am so excited about! I can't wait to show you all!

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