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Thursday, August 20, 2015

to the "back to school germs." 

Last night as Cam and I were watching TV we heard the sound no parent wants to hear in the evening...that would be the sound of a child throwing up on the stairs. Am I surprised? Not really. I just feel bad for my Ash Mash as he was up all night throwing up. So far no more of that but he is still feeling a little on the yucky side. 
Fingers crossed no one else gets it.

And yesterday him and Aiden were so cute before school started playing outside.

I really hate when my kiddos get sick.

Anyhoo...while he is napping and Milly is pleasantly entertained by the ipad I thought I would post some pics of what we've been up to over the last couple of weeks.

Bass Pro Shop
Last weekend we didn't have any plans on Saturday so we decided to go over to a new Bass Pro Shop in town. We really aren't a big outdoor sporting family (as in boating, hunting, fishing) but stores like this are always fun to walk around. First we ate lunch at the restaurant and it was pretty good.

Then off to shop. We looked at boats and you would never guess that these kids who think that this "door" leads to underground seats, have a mother who was practically raised on a boat on the lake. Not really doing my Dad proud ;)

Then we stopped by the 4 wheelers and now Asher plans on asking Santa for one.
too bad he's going to be disappointed with that request ;)

Next up was looking at bows. We were all surprised how heavy they were!

And then of course we had to stop by the toy area. We didn't get the kids anything (we high fived after escaping that) but we were quite the entertainment for other shoppers! ha!

Not sure if we will ever go back but it was a fun way to spend a few hours indoors.

Outlet Mall Shopping
One of my favorite things about the boys school is they wear uniforms. I love uniforms! However we still stopped by the local outlet mall on afternoon before school started to get new shoes for Aiden and Milly and new socks for all the kids. And no trip to the mall is complete without an Auntie Annie's pretzel and Icee ;)
The rode like this almost through the entire mall!

And Milly convinced me to dig up some quarters so she could ride with Mickey.
she was actually quite excited about this.

Going Away Swim Party
The Sunday before school started we had a big going away party for my aunt and uncle who are moving up to the Ft. Worth area, at our house. It was a fun afternoon of hanging out with family and swimming!

Milly got to swim with her cousin Isa that she hasn't seen in awhile. They were so cute together :)
Milly's swimsuit from Smocked Auctions

Playdates and Parks
Milly and Alexi (my niece) had a playdate with some friends on afternoon. They were so cute playing together.  I love to see Milly play with kids her age and this playdate just insured me how important preschool is going to be this year. Girlfriend needs some help in playing with others her age ;)

The last week of summer while Asher was at football camp, I took Aiden and Milly to a nearby park with a big hill. One of Aiden's must do's for summer was rolling down a big hill. While he did enjoy it I think in his head it was going to be a lot more exciting then it actually was. ha!

Enjoying the Pool
If you were to ask me my favorite part of having a pool I would say the fact that my kids can go and swim anytime they want. Well minus Milly of course ;) But the boys can literally wake up and go swim, swim after dinner...we pretty much let the swim whenever. We want the pool to be something fun to them not something filled with a millions rules. So last Saturday morning after I made my coffee Aiden told me he wanted to swim and I said sure! We all ended up spending the morning outside and it was so nice :)

So that's been our life, outside of school, for the past couple of weeks. Baseball will be starting soon so for me we are just enjoying these fun lazy weekends spending time together.

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