easy 1st day of school teacher gift

Thursday, August 13, 2015

So the homework room revamp will have to come tomorrow as it's not quite ready today ;)

Today I bring you

Easy DIY Teacher Gift

Who doesn't love getting a little present when they aren't expecting it? That's where my decision came to bring in the boy's teacher a little something on the first day of school. Not to suck up or be like look at us bringing you a gift but more of we already appreciate you and what you are doing kind of gift. I love doing nice things for people and this is a great way to teach my boys the same thing. 

This could quite possibly be the easiest gift ever! I bought these cute rose plants at the grocery store (on sale for $1.99) then hopped on Pinterest and printed the cute label from here. Taped them on and they are ready to go! 

The teachers were both very happy when the boys gave them their gift. Now the thing that made me the most happy was seeing the boys reaction to their teacher's reaction. Teaching kindness, I believe, to be one of the most important things we can teach our kids :)

I'm also thinking about sending a "You Survived the 1st Week" gift tomorrow. Maybe just a cute card and note along with a Starbucks gift card. One for each teacher and our principal...she's had a rough week ;)

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