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Friday, August 21, 2015

So remember a few weeks back when I decided to tackle this wall and project one Friday afternoon?

Well all the pieces to this puzzle have come together :) After staining the cabinet and placing cute dishes in it, I hopped on the computer and found these lovely dessert plates from Anthropologie. 

And to my pleasant surprise they were on sale. Go me {insert fist bump}

When they arrived they were so pretty, just like I had imagined. I also chose each one specifically to describe our home.

Lovebirds: needs no explaining
Cactus': because they grow wild out here and are everywhere!
Rain boots: this is the one place in our area that gets rain every time there is a chance of it. I guess we got lucky with that ;)
Starry sky: one of the reasons we wanted to be in the country was for the beautiful starry sky that we see every night.

So as I was falling in love with the plates it hit am I going to hang them? So {you are never going to believe this} I hopped onto Pinterest and found this tutorial. So then I hopped over to Amazon and ordered these

And 2 days later they arrived.

And today I decided, since I am still home with a sick child, would be the perfect day to finally hang them!

So here you go!

Hanging Decorative Plates

First wash your plates (even if they are new) There might be a residue on them that will affect the adhesive. Let them dry.

Next get the back of the disk wet and rub your fingers on it to activate the stick adhesive. Let sit for a few minutes

After they have sat, make sure your plate is straight and stick the disk on the back of the plate pressing down to adhere.

Let them sit overnight. The next morning I also added a command strip just to insure that they wouldn't fall off the wall

Then just hung them with nails and voila!

I absolutely love how they turned out! Just a simple statement over one of my favorite pieces of furniture :)

Tomorrow is the big day that we start our laundry room makeover! I am so excited and cannot wait to share all the details over here on Monday! Stay tuned!

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