Friday, August 28, 2015

I LOVE bags! Like for real I love them ;) One thing I've been needing a really great bag to carry to Asher's baseball games to hold all our things we have to have. Last year I carried a traditional backpack I picked up at IKEA but I wasn't really loving it. It was hard to get in to and the bad thing about backpacks is everything just collects at the bottom. So one day earlier this week a blog I read posted about these bags that her daughters carry to school. And I fell in love!
I thought about that bag for DAYS!!!! It would not only be functional but it's super cute, in a cool-hipster sort of way. So I hopped on to their website, signed up an account, got a 15% discount code and ordered one. They also offered free 2 day shipping! That right there is speaking my love language...I love me some free shipping {just ask Amazon} ;)

Here the bag I got!

And here's a coupon code for my readers! They also have clothing, water bottles, all kind of fun stuff!

I would also like to leave you on a Spiritual note this Friday morning...


'Toward a Deeper Holiness'

St. Augustine

This is the will of God, your holiness...

- 1 Thessalonians 4:3

As my daughter frets about the course of her young adult life, I regularly point out the truth that no one's life chugs along in a planned, straight line. Most of us, in fact, admit that we never could have predicted the course of our lives.

And doesn't it hold true for both what we might call the "good" and the "bad" in life (put in quotes because sometimes it's hard to evaluate which is which except in retrospect)? Who could have foreseen the wonderful outcome of such twists and turns? Who could have predicted such an unexpected sad circumstance?

St. Augustine's life is a perfect example of life's unpredictable course. But what is consistent on Augustine's journey is his pursuit of truth, which, after his conversion, became the disciple's journey to deeper holiness, knowing and trusting that this was God's will for him all along.

Lord, grace me with the wisdom to discern your will in my life's journey.

- Amy Welborn

            Happy Weekend!

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