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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Yesterday was fabulous! The boys had a great first day and were all smiles as they walked to the car. I couldn't wait to get them home so they could see what I had been working on all day ;)

Back to School Feast

I had the best time yesterday getting everything ready for our big meal. Of course with the help of Pinterest and a trip to Michaels I had everything I needed to set up!

I wanted to have a beautifully decorated table that was very inspiring for the boys.

The hanging stars were an idea I got from NieNie Dialougues  it was actually this exact blog post (plus things I had seen on Pinterest) that inspired me to have our own back to school dinner. When thinking of a "theme" for their school year I kept going back to this quote I had a found a few weeks ago.

"Be who God meant for you to be and you will set the world on fire!" 
~St. Catherine of Siena 

So instead of having a print made I picked a bigger size star from this shop and had it engraved in the middle.

Then I had a smaller star for each child.

They hang over the table and are just gorgeous! I love the constant reminder it will be to them when we gather to eat.

I also drew inspiration from this blog for this dinner. I used graph paper that we already had for placemats. To my luck Michael's had a bunch of school stuff on sale so I grabbed these cute name tags to label where we sat. For the table runner I bought a roll of wrapping paper that was on clearance and just taped it down. I love how it turned out!

I took the pencil bouquets I had in my entryway and printed and cut out this cute back to school banner from here

For the boys I gave them each a clipboard with a sheet to fill out about their day so we could talk about it. Then I found these blank books at Target a few weeks back and decorated the cover. It's going to be their journal for this school year. I found the chalkboard label and stickers at Michael's.

We also gave them these cute marker pouches (Michael's) and a bookmark that times how long they are reading (Target).

The last detail was an invitation to a "Good Grade Day." At Meridian K-4th grades don't get number grades on their report cards. There are 4 categories that they can fall under...Advanced, Proficeint, Developing or Below Average. Because Aiden will be getting grades next year I want both of them to become more aware of their report cards and really start trying to give it their all. So I found this idea along with the cute poem ( I just slightly strayed from the original) from here and added this along with all their goodies.

I had big plans to take pictures of the dinner itself but was just having too much fun to even think about pictures. The boys came home and were so surprised and so excited. We had fish tacos with lots of different toppings and a salad (this is one of our fav meals). 

I'm really excited that I took the time to plan this dinner and hope to encourage others to make the first day of school very special :)

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