Friday, August 28, 2015

I LOVE bags! Like for real I love them ;) One thing I've been needing a really great bag to carry to Asher's baseball games to hold all our things we have to have. Last year I carried a traditional backpack I picked up at IKEA but I wasn't really loving it. It was hard to get in to and the bad thing about backpacks is everything just collects at the bottom. So one day earlier this week a blog I read posted about these bags that her daughters carry to school. And I fell in love!
I thought about that bag for DAYS!!!! It would not only be functional but it's super cute, in a cool-hipster sort of way. So I hopped on to their website, signed up an account, got a 15% discount code and ordered one. They also offered free 2 day shipping! That right there is speaking my love language...I love me some free shipping {just ask Amazon} ;)

Here the bag I got!

And here's a coupon code for my readers! They also have clothing, water bottles, all kind of fun stuff!

I would also like to leave you on a Spiritual note this Friday morning...


'Toward a Deeper Holiness'

St. Augustine

This is the will of God, your holiness...

- 1 Thessalonians 4:3

As my daughter frets about the course of her young adult life, I regularly point out the truth that no one's life chugs along in a planned, straight line. Most of us, in fact, admit that we never could have predicted the course of our lives.

And doesn't it hold true for both what we might call the "good" and the "bad" in life (put in quotes because sometimes it's hard to evaluate which is which except in retrospect)? Who could have foreseen the wonderful outcome of such twists and turns? Who could have predicted such an unexpected sad circumstance?

St. Augustine's life is a perfect example of life's unpredictable course. But what is consistent on Augustine's journey is his pursuit of truth, which, after his conversion, became the disciple's journey to deeper holiness, knowing and trusting that this was God's will for him all along.

Lord, grace me with the wisdom to discern your will in my life's journey.

- Amy Welborn

            Happy Weekend!

{DIY} pipe shelving and all the other little elements

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pipe Shelving

Another project I've been dying to do is this pipe shelf that we saw one evening while watching our fav show Fixer Upper. Our laundry room was the perfect place for the shelving because there were more then a few large blank walls and one of my fav go to decorating ideas is shelving. It really can spice up any room and make it look fabulous! Plus I love the flexibility that shelving allows when it comes to decorating. Changing the stuff on the shelves is an easy and cost effective!

where the inspiration for the project started

The tutorial for this project on Joanna's blog {link above} is spot on amazing! She tells everything to buy and exactly how to build and install. We chose the galvanized piping and a darker shelf stain so that it would go with the rest of the room. However you can buy copper or's just what you prefer. 

I will admit hanging this shelf was a little stressful because the piping is SO heavy. We bought screws and anchors that are guaranteed to hold 100lbs per screw. That might have been a huge over estimate on weight but we don't want this thing falling down!

First I stained the shelves. I did a coat of ebony then the gray, then mixed the gray and ebony and then finally a top coat of ebony. Then Cam screwed together the piping to form each side of the shelf support. 

{Sorry for the lack of pictures from those steps}

Next we marked on the wall where the shelving and screws would go. It took the both of us to hold steady and hang each side.

Next shelves were laid in

After that it was ready for decorating!

This project was actually surprisingly easy. Hanging the shelf was the most stressful part because a.) we didn't want it to fall and b.) we wanted it to be straight ;)

I found the cute prints on the top shelf from Etsy

The baskets came from my hall closet. As I was walking around looking for things to display {and looking on Pinterest for inspiration} I remembered these baskets and thought how cute they would look. The & sign was from a set of frames I had bought before we moved in and just never hung. In the baskets I have toilet paper, paper towels and hand towels. I also got the idea to display pretty towels from Etsy. It's cute and functional because if we have guest and they need any of these items I can direct them where to pick them up!
I also love the idea of framing dirty baby face pictures for a laundry room :) So fun and cute to look at.

Hanging Clothes Bar

The morning of the project I was looking around the room as it was all empty and thought I'm going to need somewhere to hang clothes.

That's where this idea came from...and this was SO super easy! Anyone could hang a pipe bar like this for their clothes. All you need are the pipes and tough screws.

I can't believe how much I love this aspect. It's prob the most functional piece in the room.

More Little Details

I used robe hooks as an ironing board hanger. I have never really been a fan of the cheap metal looking ironing board hangers so thought this was SO much cuter! I also purchased a new ironing board cover which really pops in the room and I love!!!!

Under where the shelving was going to sit we use to have a white bench from IKEA. I had planned to keep that bench was a perfect fit and was doing a nice job of holding up laundry baskets...until I was in my guest bedroom cleaning things out and saw our old chest Cam had bought me when we first got married. I had painted it white and it just looked kind of grubby and was taking up way too much space in that room. So I measured it and you know was a perfect fit to sit under the shelf, it just needed a touch up. Luckily I had some Annie Sloan paint on hand in the Paris Grey. I painted on 2 coats, sanded it to bring out the white underneath and make it look old and it turned out better then I could have imagined.

It's perfect in the room!

I also moved in this chalkboard because the room needed something on this wall. 
I added a cute little find I picked up on my Girl's Weekend in July.

This cart was a purchase at an antique store while we were still building the house. I saw it and fell in love! I knew it would be the perfect folding table for me. 

A few months back I picked up these bright and fun laundry baskets on the Target clearance aisle. Brought them home and put each kids name on them and you know what?! It significantly changed laundry for me. I just yell ask very nicely for the boys when their baskets are full and they carry them upstairs and put it away all on their own. It's quite amazing :)

So that's the end of the Laundry Room Revamp!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about our journey but most of all I hope you are inspired to do it yourself {or any project for that matter}. We really are just regular ol' people who took dreamed up a room that we thought was unattainable but were pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't that difficult after all :)

{DIY} wood plank wall

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Building a Wood Plank Wall

The biggest project we had to tackle in the Laundry Room Revamp was the wood plank wall. The original idea was to use reclaimed wood to build it. Here's the problem...thanks to HGTV and Pinterest reclaimed wood is quite popular. It's hard to find and then when you do find it, it's quite expensive. So off the Pinterest for some investigating and found this link on how to create this wall without using real pallets or reclaimed wood. 

So the idea all started coming together :) We bought 1'x10' boards from Home Depot and 3 different kinds of stain.

Now I thought man this is going to be so easy! So easy it wasn' took 2 days to stain 35 pieces of wood. It was a learning process for me and while it was time consuming I actually enjoyed it. 

First I stained the gray wood and it wasn't good. So back over to Pinterest I went and found out that you can mix stain. I had no idea! So I mixed the gray with the Jacobean and thought it looked good until the stain dried.
Left wood is the first gray coat

It looked like painted blue. I hated it. I left it alone and started to stain another set of wood with the Jacobean. I wiped on one coat with a rag and then after it dried did a second coat on a few and then after that dried did a third coat on a few. I wanted there to be a lot of variation. 

All the while I had my eye on the ugly gray/blue wood. So I sanded it and thought that would work. 

But I still didn't like it. So I went on to the Ebony wood (this ended up being my fav pieces) and did the same routine as I did with the Jacobean. I even chose 3 pieces, sanded them a little after the stain was on and did a coat of the gray. Those 3 pieces were my fav in the whole group!

I went back to the gray and sanded the heck out of them and added a coat of ebony and then sanded more. Finally they were perfect! I just loved them, they really looked like old wood (these were Cam's fav pieces).

Here are my staining tips:
1. Don't be afraid to mix stains. I don't think I will ever do a piece all one color again. Be brave and mix!
2. Use a rag to wipe the stain on. I have use brushed before but I have to say using a rag was the easiest (and cheapest) way to go.
3. Wipe the stain. After you wipe on a coat of stain, go back over with a clean rag and wipe it. This will take away the tacky feeling and help it dry faster. I kind of learned this the hard way and was afraid to wipe it but don't be. It doesn't take away the color just the excess left behind.

On to install day!

Cameron first cut the wood into different sizes and then grouped them by size.

At this point we were both freaking a little we were so excited! The wood looked perfect together.

Next step was installation.

I left the design completely up to him. I would peak in on the progress and was literally giddy ;) I couldn't believe how pretty it was.

Building the wall (including the time to cut the wood) took about 4 hours. It wasn't hard but it was tedious. Cam secured the wood using a nail gun which of course made the process 100% faster.

All the hard work of staining was worth it! We got the reclaimed wood wall look for a fraction of the cost of real reclaimed wood.

{DIY Decor} Laundry Room Revamp!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Over the last week we prepped to do a HUGE revamp to our very boring laundry room. We have been planning to do this pretty much since they were building this room. Other projects got in the way but I finally just said WE NEED TO GET THIS DONE!!!!! This room was awful!

just want to add I made sure in the before pictures it was a complete disaster ;)

I didn't even take the time to put our pictures in these frames {embarrassing}

We were inspired by the show Fixer Upper and Pinterest to create an amazing space that might now be my fav place in the house!


Each day this week I will go into more detail on how this all came together because it is seriously too much for one post. For now just enjoy the pics while I'm off to do some laundry {happily} today :)
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