we are back!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sunday around 3pm we pulled into the driveway to our beloved home after a very fun few days at the beach.

I have tons of pictures to go through and I plan to post all about our annual family beach trip but for now we are just all still trying to recover from it ;) I am knee deep in sandy toys and laundry and the kids...well they are just plain exhausted from the late summer nights at the ocean.

Poor thing fell asleep at my feet while I was cooking dinner yesterday :)

father's day

Sunday, June 21, 2015

When Cameron and I got married I really had no idea what kind of Dad he would be. He had never really been around kids and his role model's for Dad's was interesting ;)
One thing I did know was that he would do absolutely anything for his kids because that's how he treated me.

I was right. He has been an amazing father to our kids. He shows them what being a man really is...not how it's portrayed on TV. He shows them everyday by working hard, taking care of us and loving on us. 

Thank you so much for making ALL of our dreams come true :)

more then just sand and surf

Friday, June 19, 2015

I absolutely love the beach! I could sit there all day listening to waves, soaking in the sun and swimming in the ocean. It's my happy place for sure. I love sharing the beach with my kids as well, however a vacation at the beach with kids is a lot different then a vacation at the beach without kids ;) It's not super relaxing in general considering you have to make sure no one drowns or wanders off on their own and never returns. But with all that it can still be loads of fun.

A few years ago on our annual beach trip, I noticed that while hanging at the beach and swimming is fun, the boys got to a point where they wanted a little more then just swimming and building sand castles. So the following year I hopped over to Pinterest before the trip and got some great ideas on beach projects and games.

This is seriously so easy and kept my kids (and niece) entertained for at least an hour. I just printed out the scavenger hunt (link above), gave the kids a cheap clipboard and a marker and off we went on a little adventure. They had SO much fun. I think this year, because they are older, I will make my own up for them that's a little more challenging. 

This has to be my favorite thing we've done! We made these the first year we took Milly to the beach and I plan on doing it again this year. I have to say it wasn't quite as easy as the tutorial shows but after 3 tries we finally got it right! 

Now they are displayed in a shadow box in the playroom.

This activity is not only fun while on the beach but great for once you get back to your room. If your kids are like mine once we get back, shower and eat dinner I usually hear "Now what can we do." In an effort to keep their little eyes off the screens (Ipad or TV) this is a really fun activity that they will love!

It's pretty easy
1. Collect sea shells from the beach
2. Once in the room wash them off in the sink or bathtub then let them dry
3. Before the trip purchase wooden letters or frames. Last time the kids did frames and I did the letter K. This year they are doing letters.

I found these at Target

4. Glue shells onto letter!
I turned my letter K into a wreath which is now my favorite wreath I have! I keep it up all summer long.

This activity is another one that keeps them busy and entertained for a long time. My boys are SO excited to do the letter A this year!

We are only at the beach for 3 full days so these 3 activities keep them very busy! 

summer nights

Thursday, June 18, 2015

lately have been looking alot like this.

well minus the rainbow...we kind of got lucky with that ;)

Dream come true :) post tomorrow on things to do at the beach with your kiddos besides the usual!

36 or so hours...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Is how long it took to fill the pool.
Needless to say we are a little nervous about the next water bill...

While it was filling we couldn't really keep the kids out. 

Sissy loved that she could walk around it. Now she is very disappointed she can't ;)

My parents stopped by Monday afternoon after it was full to try it out. It's still a little too cold for we have about 10 guys working on the fence these days so I'm just going to wait until they are gone to enjoy the pool ;)

the 3rd week of summer...and dinosaurs...

Friday, June 12, 2015

This week has been pretty busy. 

The boys were in basketball camp at the local high school from 9-12 M-Th this week. Aiden went last year and loved it and Asher has been dying to go and was so excited that this was his year.

little sissy always has to be part of the action ;)

And he took full advantage by winning 5 first place ribbons and the gold medal in free throws, layups and hot shots for the whole week. 
This kid is an athlete.

We also had a couple of friends come by and play this week and spent an afternoon at the sprinkler park. Straight up summer fun!

The pool is coming along quite nicely. They sprayed on the Sundeck on Tuesday.



And today they are spraying in the plaster and finish on the inside. We will start filling tomorrow...I cannot believe it!

Yesterday evening we went to a birthday party for one of Asher's team mates to see Jurassic World.

I am a HUGE fan of Jurassic Park! I can vividly remember going to the theater to see it with my was a big deal. I couldn't wait to take my boys to see this movie hoping that they wouldn't be too scared. 

Well..............Aiden loved it! Said it was the best movie he has ever seen. Asher, not so much. Let's just say his eyes were closed through most of the movie and he slept with his brother last night ;) I just kept reminding him that at least non of that could ever happen because DINOSAURS ARE NOT REAL! 

At least not anymore ;)

Overall the movie was great. Beautiful to watch but yes probably too scary for the little ones. And the acting was awful. Seriously painful at times but that was made up by how real the dinosaurs looked and how overall beautiful the movie was to watch. 

And I still like the old one more...

road trip must haves with kids

Thursday, June 11, 2015

In just 2 weeks we will be making our way on our first (and only) summer vacation! It's a VERY long drive...6 South Padre Island with our whole family. We've been going since Asher was 4 weeks old when my parents somehow convinced Cameron and I to take such a long road trip with a newborn. Funny thing was he was perfect ;) 

My parents rent a house that we all can stay in. It's so much fun and my kids look forward to it every year. 

Last year we couldn't go because my dad (who owns his own business) was short on employees and just couldn't leave his store for a week. So everyone is super pumped for this year!

from 2 years ago

Back to the looooong drive...
Here are a few tips to keep those kiddos entertained on a road trip:

1. Redbox
Thankfully we have a newer car equipped with a dvd player. That's definitely a life saver but even the kids get tired of watching movies. One thing I always do is stop by Redbox to grab a few new movies for them to watch. I love Redbox because it's cheap, easy and they are everywhere! We can stop mid trip or on the way home to return our movies and grab new ones. It's a life saver and money saver ;)

2. Fun Game Books
This year I hopped on Amazon and found a few fun (I hope) activity books for the boys. They love any kind of activity books and by getting them each 2 I'm hoping it can keep them entertained for awhile.

3. Travel desk

Now the #1 problem with activity books is where can you do them? This desk is perfect for traveling! It has inside storage plus it folds down for easy storage. I can already picture my boys loading up their cute little desks with pencils and crayons. We got Aiden a blue and Asher a green one. I know they are going to love having their own personal desk in the car.

4. Seat belt pillows

Since both boys are out of high back boosters, riding in the car can be quite uncomfortable for them. I always though seat belt pillows were silly but after seeing one in my friends car I changed my whole perspective on them ;) They are not only quite comfortable but really perfect for little guys and much easier then loaded around big pillows. I found these cute Mario and Luigi ones on Amazon. I cannot wait to give them to the boys...I know they are going to freak!

Those are the products I bought for the boys but I also browsed Pinterest for fun games we can play and of course having lots of snacks for the ride always works ;) Milly is an awful traveler and unfortunately is still a little too young for some of the fun things I bought the boys. I'm really hoping that with movies, hopefully a nap and a few stops along the way she will make it without it being too crazy stressful. My last minute resort with her is Skittles. I know some moms might have a heart attack at the thought of giving your 2 year old skittles but hey she's not my first and I'm over it ;) A bag of Skittles can keep her occupied for about 45 minutes. Not only does she love to eat them but she also loves the colors and grouping them by color. So's a learning experience too ;)

Happy Road Trippin Friends!!!!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Yesterday my mom, one of my most favorite people in the world, turned 60. As per her usual self, she didn't want a big party. Just her family cooking out at her house. Her only request was a chocolate cake :) 

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing mom. She has always put her family first and been such an amazing role model to me as a mom and a wife. I hope when my children are grown they will look up to me as we look up to her. 

Love you Mom! You make 60 look really good :)


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A few months ago at baseball practice Cameron noticed that Asher might not be able to see that great far away. I told him that this summer I would take him to get his eyes checked but that it was probably nothing. 

I was wrong.

Cameron was right.

Ash is near sighted (can't see far off) and has astigmatism in his left eye. Neither Cameron nor I wear glasses so I really never thought my kids would have to either. 

Again I was wrong.

The funny thing is Asher has been wanting glasses and braces for years. So he was more then excited to get the glasses.

the ones he picked

Next up is braces ;) But most likely not for a few more years.

almost pool time

Friday, June 5, 2015

This past week lots has been going on with the pool progress! I mean seriously everyday is something new and we got the best news of all this morning...


As in next week. I'm speechless. 

We will be gone next weekend at a baseball tournament out of town but we plan on putting the water hose in Saturday morning and coming home Sunday to hopefully a full pool!

tennis camp

Thursday, June 4, 2015

This week the boys have been at a tennis camp put on by the local high school by the tennis coach and her students. They had a blast! However after stopping in a few days early I have to say I'm not quite sure we have the next Andre Agassi on our hands ;)

The high school students working with the kids were SO nice. I mean this camp started at 8:30am and this was their first week of summer yet they always were having a blast. And my boys just love older kids so I was thrilled at what a great example those kids were to them.

And Sissy's fav part was the free sno cone after camp everyday ;)


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

If you were to come over to visit we would most likely end up in my kitchen. I would make you a cup of coffee, or ice tea, whatever you prefer and we would sit and chat and have the best time.

I  just love our kitchen. I love that it's a galley kitchen. I love that it has tons of walking space. I love all the beautiful things we picked out for it.

bar stools from World Market

rug from World Market

Most of all I love that it's the place our family gathers many times during the day to eat, hang out and visit or for them to watch me cook ;)

I also love all the cute little details I picked out before we moved in.
Like this towel
towel from a cute little local store

And my double ovens. I seriously had no idea how amazing it is to have 2!

Or these cute accessories
sign and cookie jar from World Market
plate from antique store

And my farmhouse sink. It's been a dream of mine for years. It's perfect.

So there's the space in house I spend pretty much most of my time...aside from the laundry room of course ;)

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