the last 3 days...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

...of spring break were pretty great if I do say so myself ;)

We were suppose to have a walk through on the house Friday but it got cancelled because the house just wasn't ready for it. Since Cam had already planned to take off work we packed up the kids that rainy afternoon and headed into Austin. We ended up at Dave and Buster's and might I say I haven't seen my kids having that much fun in a long time! I recommend packing up your kids and taking them there to at least once ;)

Saturday I spent most of the day packing up my parent's house since the Big Moving Day is quickly approaching and that evening Cam and I went on a much needed date night :) We hit up a new restaurant in town that was amazing! Then headed over to see a movie. There really weren't any good movies out so we saw Kingsman.

It was a pretty good action movie and we enjoyed it...until the end. Something happens at the end that even my not too conservative husband was surprised and disturbed by. Kind of ruined the movie :/ But we still had a great night out just spending time together before our life gets crazy.

Sunday I decided to teach my ever eager Asher how to cook. We made pancakes and eggs together and he did awesome!

I am really enjoying the kids getting older and getting to do so many fun things with them that was impossible when they were little. I never thought I would say it but I think these ages right now are my favorite!

That afternoon we headed to one of our family fav Austin restaurants Hula Hut to celebrate Emily's birthday (it's actually today).

I feel so lucky to have this really awesome, close family. As a kid I thought everyone had families like mine and through growing up and meeting lots of different people I have since learned that they don't. That what I have been so lucky to have is a privilege. I never take it for granted and will teach my kids how lucky and blessed we are to have this. Family really is everything :)

all the final touches

Saturday, March 21, 2015

All the final touches are being done to Escondido. I cannot believe we have 6 days until closing. Last week at this time if you would have asked me if the house would be done I most likely would have said no. This week my answer has changed to a definite yes! So much was done last week.

Carpet installed

The stair banisters and railings were completely taken off and reinstalled because they just were not sturdy at all. Now they look custom and are gorgeous! And most importantly safe :)

Master bath was finished (they did install the glass on the shower but I didn't take a pic yesterday evening when we went out)

I think that room might be one of my favorites in the's so beautiful and spa like!

The house was completely cleaned and we finally got to see what the wood floors looked like!

We were suppose to have a walk through yesterday but the contractor rescheduled for Tuesday because there is still alot of work to be done in the kitchen. In the walk through the house pretty much has to be finished  so we can sign off on it. There are drawers and cabinets that need to be touched up or reinstalled. 2 of our glass upper cabinet doors need to be installed, the farmhouse sink needs better support and all the pulls need to be installed on the cabinet drawers and doors. 

I am just in love with my kitchen. It's so beautiful...seriously my dream kitchen :)

A last minute change that we decided was to change the stain on the window overhangs. They told us we picked this color. We really don't think we did because why would we pick such a light doesn't match anything about the house. Once the front door was stained it really didn't look well. So for a little extra money, we got the over hangs stained to match the door color. Now it looks perfect!




amelia's room design inspiration

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I finally made time for this post! Ha! The funny thing is this post actually is shorter then the boy's rooms so I should have done it first ;)

So for Amelia's room I knew I wanted something really girly. I also knew I was going to use the curtains my mom made for her nursery along with the wall hangings in her nursery because I love them.

I'm going to mix in framed pics of her in this gallery wall and it will hang over her bed.

What took us awhile to decide was if we were going to take her crib or just transition her to a big bed. The original plan was to leave her in the crib but after really thinking about it we decided to get her a day bed and just go ahead and make the transition. After we decided that I knew I wanted a white iron daybed. Now this might seem like an easy bed to find but it wasn't. All the beds I found were rounded or curved and had all these curvy designs in them. That's not at all our style...I wanted something with straight lines. One day while I was checking my email, this bed popped up on the side of my screen in an ad. I literally went straight to the website and ordered it!

It was just what I wanted. Next thing was I knew I wanted white ruffly bedding with lots of bright throw pillows. I found this bedding at Target on sale one day

Along with these cute colorful and super soft sheets (on clearance!!!!)

Then stopped at PB Teen and found these cute pillows on sale as well!

I found this pillow at this Etsy shop. It's seriously gorgeous in person!

I'm going to add some cute solid color bright pillows as well.

She will get the white dresser from our old room and over it I'll put a decal tree with these beautiful flowers a friend of mine makes

Her cute PB kids chair will go in the corner with her bookshelf because she loves to read

And then we got her this adorable table and chairs. I cannot wait for her to see it!

I'm also buying these pink bookshelves which one will go on each side of her bed for toy storage

I want to get her a full length mirror because this girl loves to look at herself ;)

One of my favorite things about our little Sissy is when she sees something new or something she likes she says "Oh my goodness!" I just know when she walks in her room those are the words we are going to hear :)

spring break

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's Spring Break!!!!!! 

The weather has been warm and gorgeous!!!!

Hallelujah ;)

We've never been big Spring Break travelers so staying true to form we've just been hanging around enjoying things our little town has to offer :) I like the idea of having a week of doing not a whole lot so the kids can really kick back and relax before the last stretch of school starts!

So we've been playing at parks with friends from school

Little Sissy seriously loves the park. I mean it's so stinkin cute.

And leaving can be quite a problem ;) 

My old self would have gotten all frazzled and picked her up embarrassed by how she acted and carried her frustrated back to the car. The now mom of 3 just laughs and takes pictures;)

We've been excitedly watching Escondido come together! Final walk through is this Friday morning! Lots has been going on with still lots to do. Really praying that everything gets done and we can still close next Friday. NEXT FRIDAY!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

And visiting more parks because when the weather man calls for rain and there's no rain...we play!

first little ponytail! 

Since the weather has been so nice we went window shopping for plants for the front yard landscaping. 

I love going to nursery's! I always have. My mom and I use to go every spring and get new things to plant. I love doing things like this with the kids and they love it as well. The only we bought was a Venus Fly Trap for Aiden...he was so excited about seeing one that I had to buy it ;)

So that's been our Spring Break so far. Today we are off to see Cinderella, tomorrow a strawberry patch and Friday we are taking the kids to Main Event after the house walk through. Even though it's been pretty laid back Aiden said yesterday that this was the best Spring Break ever! 

Nothing better then having kids that are easy to please ;)
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