Thursday, February 26, 2015

These past couple of weeks have been one for the record books in my life. Not only did the house have us a little on the stressed side but 2 of my children have been sick. Asher has a double ear infection and my sweet little Amelia has been battling walking pneumonia for going on 2 weeks. Her sleep has been so jacked up and I feel like a walking zombie. Plus the cold temps have us indoors which isn't good for my soul. 

I need warm body craves it. I am a Texas girl through and through and would take 100 degree temps over 30 degree any day!

So here are pics of what's been going on with us. 

It's just kind of a mish mash of everything because that's all I have the energy for. Our bathrooms are almost finished so hopefully I can get out there and take pics so y'all can see how beautiful they are :)

I was luckily graced by the presence of Princess Elsa one cold and windy winter day at Escondido ;)

I have to say it is pretty fun that she is getting into the dress up phase.

Here are some random bathroom shots from last week

Loving the tile floors!

We got a mailbox

Other then visiting the house literally counting down the second till we can live there ;) We are...

painting for the first time

Riding in grocery carts we have no business in to make Sissy happy ;)

finding a new hobby that we both love...antiquing!
Hi, my name is Jenny and my glasses are always crooked. It's a problem I know but at least I am in the phase where I can admit it ;)

Someone got a new car seat that is super comfy and has a cup holder! Now maybe Momma can hold on to a little bit of her sanity by avoiding the dreaded spilt cup in the chair fiasco.

and lastly wearing sock we have absolutely no business wearing.

I took his cleats off him the other day after baseball practice and saw this sock and died laughing. I was like how in the world can you wear this. He just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders like it was no big. He said "they still work mommy." 

It's really amazing what we can learn from our kids. As parents we are always thinking what we have to teach our kids...what our responsibility is to make them good adults, good citizens. I love these moments where I let them teach me something about life. 

Don't just throw them away..."they still work mommy."

lenten season

Friday, February 20, 2015

This last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday...the first day of the Lenten season.

I know that for many Lent is a somber time and I know that as a Catholic I am suppose to feel this way as well. However, if I am being honest I just don't. I actually really enjoy Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season. I have so many memories as a child from this time of year that I can vividly remember. I love the tradition of going to church and receiving ashes, I love giving something up for the 40 days and I love the anticipation to Easter. I love it all. 

It's also a great opportunity to have really meaningful talks with my kids about our faith. I enjoy sharing with them these traditions and why we do them. I love sharing with them what Jesus did for us. How he loved us so much, more then anyone else will love us.

I love to let them chose to give something up. I in no way shape or form tell them what to give up. I let them sit back and decide. This year Asher gave up soda (which he is only allowed on weekends...stop judging ;)) and Aiden gave up chocolate. I think both are awesome choices!

I gave up meat. I've been wanting to explore a vegetarian diet for sometime now so I thought this might just be the perfect start. So far all I have missed is bacon ;)

Here are some resources to learn more about Ash Wednesday and Lent if you just happen to be interested :)

the stresses of building...we weren't quite prepared

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Everyone warned us how stressful building a house was. It's listed as one of the most stressful things a person can go through. So Cameron and I knew (or so we thought) what we had ahead of us and felt very prepared. Our plan was to have an open mind and not get upset when something goes wrong because it will most likely be fixed.

Well let's just say that all went out the window Tuesday morning when the granite was installed.

I was having an awful morning (timing is everything right?)...
I had just gotten out of a doctor appointment where I found out little Sissy had walking pnemonia and Asher a double ear infection and would miss yet another day of school. I had just sat through one of the worst doctor appointments ever where my daughter screamed and tore apart the room while we tried to give her a breathing treatment because her oxygen was low.  As I was sitting at Sonic getting slushies and french fries at 9:30 am to appease the kids (mom of the year) I got the picture of the granite from Cameron. I was was nothing I wanted or envisioned for my kitchen. I was almost in tears.

the granite we chose

the granite installed

Now being that I have dealt with granite before I know that every slab is different and there is variation in color but I was in no way expecting it to be this big of a difference. I chose the granite I did because it was called "White Ice" and I assumed that it would be mostly be white with accents of black and tan.'s most black with yellow and barely any white. 

We have talked to the contractor and our builder rep and they are seeing what if anything can be done about this granite. 

I woke up Wednesday morning with a whole new mindset. I was going to look at this whole granite debacle as being just the way it was suppose to be. Yeah it wasn't at all what I imagined for my kitchen but that doesn't mean it won't be beautiful.

Yesterday afternoon they started installing the backsplash in the kitchen. I went out to the house very reluctantly for a few reasons. First, I really didn't want to see the granite again and hate it after feeling good about it all day; and Second I was terrified that the backsplash wasn't going to look well with the granite.

Thank goodness I was wrong.

It's gorgeous together! Seeing the backsplash made me fall in love with the granite. 

The whole kitchen felt like it was coming together and I was oh so happy about it!

another little hiccup we ran into...the design team didn't inform the tile guys that we wanted the tile placed all the way to the wall even over the cabinets so they couldn't finish yesterday. More tile had to ordered and hopefully the will finish before this week is over.

This whole experience taught me something. While many might think how ridiculous I was for being so upset (I'm sure the builder and everyone out there working feels this way) I learned that the only people that really care how our home turns out is Cameron and I. This is our dream house, our forever home. We have waited for this moment for years and honestly like I've said before, we never thought we would be in this position. This house means so much more then colors of granite or placement of tile. It represents how far we have come. We just want it to be perfect. So while I was devastated and had more then a few choice words for certain people, I learned I just need to remain calm and remember who is in charge. WE need to remember that we cannot control everything or everyone and that our house will be perfectly built for us. There will probably be lots more problems in the building process but after this I feel like we will walk into those situations with a different mindset.

Well one can hope so right? ;)

visions in my head

Monday, February 16, 2015

I vision a large part of living in Escondido to be outside.

To be in the driveway hence why we chose a gigantic driveway.

If I close my eyes I can imagine the kids playing basketball, riding scooter, bikes, learning how to ride a skateboard. I see Cameron and I sitting back drinking an icy drink smiling and enjoying this time with the kids.

This is my vision and why we decided to have an extra large driveway.

Many memories will be made here and I literally cannot wait!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lately for some reason designing rooms in the house has me at a complete loss. I really have no idea why because for a couple of weeks I was on a roll! I've designed all the kids rooms with no problem at all. I literally walked into the rooms and pictured exactly what I wanted. I have a design binder (yes I know big nerd alert) where I type out a plan, print out pictures and have the layout of the room Cameron drew. I love home truly is a passion of mine.

But lately...nothing.

My mind is blank.

I read lots of blogs (see side bar) and one of my favs is The other day she posted a blog with pictures of these glass stars she has made for her kids. I've seen the stars in her blog before but this time they spoke to me. I fell in love with them! So I headed over to their etsy site and started browsing all the different stars. 

I found the perfect star!

The perfect inspiration for my mudroom!

Back in January I picked a Bible verse for our family's year motto "for we walk by faith not by sight" It's been important for me to find a way to incorporate that somewhere in our house. Now I have the perfect place. The verse will be printed on the mirror in the center of the star.

I am going to hang the star in the window of our mudroom

And the whole room design will revolve around this star.

I found this bench I love

I want to have open shelving on each side of the window and hang hooks under the shelving
found these gray cubes at Ikea and love. I would hang 2 on top of each other on each side of the window

On the opposite wall I want a huge framed out chalkboard where I can write fun messages 

And then a cute DIY curtain will hang over the window (maybe burlap...I love me some burlap)

This room will also have the dark gray floor tiles which I think are gorgeous! I just really want this room to be beautiful because it will be one of the most used rooms in the house connecting the garage to the house. It will also been seen from the foyer (there is currently no door closing it off). I was a little nervous about that because hello its a mudroom and it might not always look presentable. 

So because of that my lovely husband is building me this

a sliding barn door!!!!

Y'all I'm over the moon excited about this project. It's going to be gorgeous. I've always wanted one and this is the perfect place in the house to put it.

So there is the plan for the mudroom. I hope this post inspired you to look for inspiration everywhere :)

secret mission

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Yesterday I busted the kids out of school early for a very important secret mission...

I have to say I LOVE surprising them by taking them out early. I love the way their faces look as they walk through the unsure as to whats going on. 

It's really fun :)

Our mission you ask?

To put our hand prints in the sidewalk in front of the house!

After I picked them up we went by the house only to find out the driveway wasn't quite ready for us yet. So we packed up and headed to a nearby park since it was gorgeous outside!

After a couple of hours we headed back to Escondido to mark our territory ;)

I was hoping that the cement would have been more wet so we could get a deeper hand print but we had to wait until they brushed it before we could do it. 

I really love how it turned out. It's on the walkway from the driveway to the front door centered in front of the garage window. And in typical Asher fashion he messed his hand print up when he lifted his hand. I mean this would only happen to him ;) Cameron and I just laughed. 

Makes for good memories!

happenings at Escondido House

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lately lots has been going on over at Escondido. It's amazing to me how every time I go over there something has changed to make it look more like a livable home. I seriously cannot wait to move in yet it still feels very surreal. Like it's not really our house.

So here is whats been going on...

After a small problem with the order (as in iron rods not wood slates were ordered) we finally got the railings we wanted. This was about a 2 day delay but oh so worth it. It looks gorgeous!

Then the supports were stained

love :)

Trim was put up and we ended up getting crown molding in the master bedroom and bathroom

Homework room doors installed (they will be painted white)
love :)

Shelving has been put in all the closets

Master closet

Driveway forms set up and hopefully will be poured this week

We have opted for a very large driveway which I'm super excited about. There are lots of shade trees around it and I just picture it as a place to play basketball and watch the kids ride their bikes/scooters/skateboards.

Found this cute selfie on my phone. It really makes me happy how excited the boys are about the house.

It's become a little tradition to head over to the house every Friday after school and then go out for dinner and then every Sunday after church and religion school. We just walk around, talk about decorating plans and well...just spend time together. It's really pretty great and I look forward to these moments all week :)

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