framing stages

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I decided to take a break from all the packing to give a little update on the new house.

The past couple of weeks a they have been framing. It's kind of funny that it's taking so long in comparison to other homes they are building, but we are the ONLY new 2 story home being built. So I'm pretty sure everything on this house is going to take a little longer ;)

Thanks to my trusty iphone camera I can see the actual dates I take pictures so we can see how long this is really taking. Last week we had a few rainy days so that stopped work at the house for 3 days. Other then that, it's really coming along!

November 11: Downstairs finished...laying upstairs floor.

November 12: Started framing upstairs

November 14: More framing upstairs

November 18: Roof beams up, finishing inside.

Garage and then behind master bath and bedroom. Upstairs Asher's room (in back), bathroom and Aiden's room (up front right over garage)

back of house

View from Asher's room. One of the best views in the house!

Living room wall of windows (kitchen to right)

November 24: Wall are going up!!!! Yay! We are suppose to have gorgeous weather this week so I'm really hoping that the outside walls will be finished. Then comes windows and lastly a roof!

Seeing the step by step is one of my favorite things ever. I just love seeing this home being built and documenting it. This is a truly amazing process :)

DIY project #1

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I plan on doing lots of new diy projects for the new house so I figured I'll just call these post pretty much what they are :)

First up was my china cabinet. 

This was the first piece Cameron and I bought together as a married couple for this house 11 years ago. While it no longer is our style I still love it and having it means the world to me. So after searching endlessly on pinterest I decided to give it a little make over with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Luckily a store just right down the street from where my boys go to school, sells it. I chose this color

because I think it will go well with the overall decor of the house. I've decided that this piece will go in the living room and instead of displaying our china will display pictures of us and family and other knick knack things that are important to us.

I have to admit I was very nervous about using this paint. After you paint you have to put on a wax coat. I have no idea why, but this step intimidated the h*ll out of me! I use this tutorial to get me through the process

After taking apart the doors and cleaning it up a bit I started painting. The best part about this paint is you don't have to sand or prime your piece! 

at about this point I was thinking what did I get myself into ;)

This paint is so easy to apply! I put 2 coats on (only waited 30 minutes in between to dry) and then had a few spots that needed touch ups. 

I waited until the next day to do the wax. It was crazy easy. I think it's funny how I freaked myself out for no reason ;) You apply the wax in a small sqaure or rectangle section and then wipe it with a non lent towel. If you don't wipe it, it becomes sticky. After I let the wax dry, I distressed it a little. This was a decision I made last minute. I hadn't planned to distress it but I figured a light distress would actually look really nice. I'm glad I did because I love it!

I had planned to get new hardware but because this is older I couldn't find and that was the right size. So I just spray painted the hardware it came with a metallic rust color. I'm happy I did that because it really shows character!

 finished product

I also chose not to paint the inside to add some depth. I do plan to put metal tiles on the back of it. I had to order them so I might have time before we move but if not I'll just do it when we move in. Here's the picture that inspired that decision.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!!! So excited about putting this gorgeous piece in our new home :)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Now that the sign is up I think it's safe to say we sold our house. After only 22 days on the market we got an all cash offer (lower then our asking) that we just couldn't refuse. So here we are only 19 days away from moving out of the only house our family has ever known. The house we became a family in. I'm sad, happy, anxious, excited and a million different emotions all wrapped up in me. I honestly thought I would be more sad then I feel but I am just so overwhelmingly excited about the new house. I go out there multiple times a week to see the progress and I just cannot wait to move in. For the time being we are moving in with my parents. Luckily they have lots of space for us and are excited for us to be coming. I also think it will be fun living there over the holidays. So the packing really begins and with Cameron's long work days I will be doing the majority of it on my own. Pray for me ;)

I drove out to the new house today and they are putting in the upstairs flooring. I'm hoping we will have walls and a roof by this time next week!

in between moments

Monday, November 10, 2014

in between selling a house, building a house and packing we are staying quiet busy.

Lately we've been

acting silly at a friend's wedding

looking super cute on these cool fall days

enjoying Halloween with friend at our 2nd Annual Halloween Party

getting our first taste of a caramel apple

learning how to make homemade bread

conquering a fear of reading in front of others

hanging out with classmates after school

gearing up for when it's our turn to play baseball
think she's been to a few baseball games ;)

having a few pouty days here and there

winning the Blue Santa baseball tournament

loving on each other and celebrating accomplishments

and...well...just being ourselves no matter how crazy that may be

and we have a frame

Saturday, November 8, 2014

well kind of ;) I guess I should have titled this we have a partial frame. Yesterday I was not having one of my finer days as a mom. Little Miss had been up the night before for 3 hours and was refusing to take a nap (all of this for no apparent reason because she was not sick) and my patience with her was almost gone. So I loaded her up in the SUV, popped in a movie and enjoyed the somewhat peace and quiet as we drove out to the new house. To my surprise I saw this!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it. I so was not expecting to see this much work being done. Especially since it had just come a flood for a few days before and nothing had been done. 

So today we all drove out there as a family to check it out. 

One of my favorite parts of this process is seeing it all come together as a family. The boys are so excited and had the best time walking around as we told them what each room was. And little Sissy loved that she could squeeze through almost any little space.

Here's the kitchen

And the living room

Here looking at the back of the house

And here we are. 

I can't believe this is really happening for us. I can remember nights staying up watching home improvement shows, house hunter shows just talking about our dream home, our forever home. We talked and talked for years. Over the years our ideas of what we wanted have changed but our dream to have this home for our family was always there. There were times I never thought it could happen financially but we never lost hope and we never gave up. And here we are. Standing in front of the beginning of our forever home and life has never felt so good :)

doing what feels like the impossible

Friday, November 7, 2014

packing a house you have lived in for 11 years. 11 years of stuff everywhere. Every drawer, closet, cabinet, nook and cranny...everywhere. One thing I am thankful for is I am notorious for loading up my car with stuff and heading to Goodwill. I love cleaning out closets and getting rid of stuff we don't need. That has made this process so much easier but man...we still have alot of stuff. 
As of now we still are not sure on the closing date. The inspection report came back. They told us what they wanted fixed and we responded. We just heard back from them last night and were assured they are very serious about buying the house but have concerns about a rafter in the attic. Soooooo...the deal is if they want us to fix it we close Dec 1. If they want to take the house as it is with a little money we are offering for them to fix it we close Nov 17. As in 10 days. Yikes. We told them we have to know by this evening. So we wait and wait and wait. This process has really showed me how little in my life I really can control. I am giving all of this to God and in times I feel overwhelmed and frustrated I sit back and pray. In that I find the peace I need to move forward. While they may seem hard in the present I love these moments in life where God shows you who is really in control :)

new house update

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sunday we ventured over to the new house so everyone could see the foundation. It was a beautiful day and being out there made me so excited to live out there. It was quiet and the view was gorgeous. I really feel lucky that this is where we will live and grow as a family...dream come true. The boys just kept saying over and over how happy and thankful they are for us getting them this house. Lots of good stuff I tell ya!

It's funny to me how small the pad looks. I mean really a 3400 sq ft house is going to fit on this??!! 

I finally got some great pics of the backyard. Cam walked me carefully to the back of the yard (I'm deathly afraid of snakes) so these shots are from the back corners looking over and up to the house.

And to top off the trip we did as any normal 21st century family would...we took a selfie ;)

Might not be a perfect pic but it's perfect for us! Our first family photo at the new house :) 

So the buyers accepted our counter offer on our current home and Monday we had the inspection. We are anxiously and not so patiently waiting the results. Also we found out that they want to move up the closing date to November 17. Say what??!! We still haven't decided on that yet but will update as soon as we hear something...anything...

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