all picked out

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We had our last meeting with the design team yesterday and everything has been picked out! yahoo!!!! Everything from the railings on the stairway to the light fixture to the carpet to door handles. EVERYTHING!!!!! 

Here's what we picked (minus the bathrooms...separate post on those coming soon)

Front door and stain color

I seriously LOVE our front door. The stain color will be the same on the stairway with white slats in the middle. We wanted something really clean looking since you will see it from the living room.

The wood floors and carpet

We will have wood as outlined below
(please ignore the awful lines)

Carpet in these areas

We upgraded the pad as well just to make sure it's extra cushiony.

Shannon (our design lead) had everything we had originally picked laid out. When I walked in I was so happy and excited to see it all laid out so nicely. Love her :)
The only difference in the kitchen layout is the back splash. We changed to a gray glass tile instead of a light brown.
I can't remember if I had mentioned that what I really wanted was marble counter tops but our builder will not put marble in the kitchen because of staining. No lie that news I have always dreamed of marble in the kitchen. So I found this granite which after yesterday, is growing on me more. We have lots of counter space so I think it will show alot of crystals and be beautiful. (I did however get marble in my bathroom! More to come on that)

Our light fixtures throughout the house

The top left light will be in the study/homework room which I love! It's very sleek and modern and fits that room nicely.

So there you have it...a preview of some of our choices. Next post...bathrooms!

dining/breakfast room

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One thing we knew we wanted with this house was 1 dining space. I know most people are thinking what??!! but honestly we just don't need 2 spaces. Our current house has 2 and I can count on 2 hands how many times we've needed both in 11 years. So happily I found this house plan that has 1 pretty large dining space.
So here is where we are talking about

And here's a picture of it in the model home we looked at (those cabinets on the floor obviously won't be there)

So there are windows on 2 sides leaving one half wall with nothing on it. We have a beautiful china cabinet that I just cannot part with. It was the first piece of furniture Cameron and I bought together for this house so it's special. It is however, not at all our style anymore.

One of my goals is to refinish it to look something like one of these

Wish me luck on this project! Ha!

Our old table we are getting rid of. It's not at all my style and was loan to us by my mother in law. We are giving it back to her and I am finally getting the table I want! Yay! 

What I do want is a giant wood table that seats 8. I haven't decided if I want a white wash wood table or just a stained wood table but I do know one thing. I want it worn down looking and I want metal chairs. I'm hoping it looks something like this

On one episode of Fixer Upper I saw Joanna put a china cabinet in the living room and filled it with books and pictures. If we decide to do that I want a little mural wall on the empty wall. With something maybe like this

Here is my current mural wall in my breakfast room so I would add these pieces as well

And of course throw in a few photos of my favorite faces because I will have room

So there you have dream eating space to feed the people that are most important to me :)

And some great news on the building we are meeting with the design team to finish the details! Yay!!!!! Tomorrow I will post pictures of the final design picks we made.

let's talk kitchen

Friday, September 19, 2014

Let's get to the good my kitchen! In our current house my kitchen is small. Super our whole family can't really be in it at the same time small. This is one of the main reasons we want to move. I've always wanted a really big kitchen with beautiful appliances, lots of counter space and white cabinets. It's been a dream of mine to have beautiful white cabinets. So when we headed off to deco I was most excited about how my kitchen would look. We were pretty prepared thanks to Pinterest and I for the most part knew how I wanted it to look. Thankfully the choices I made weren't out of our budget.

So here are some pictures of what our kitchen looks like in a model home (these are from my iphone so that quality isn't great but you'll get the picture)

It's SO big! Seriously I cannot wait to get in there :) 

Here are the choices we made for the cabinets, floors, granite and backsplash

The subway tile glass backsplash is actually going to be a different color. I got this picture off Pinterest on what the actual color will be. Oh and our wall colors will be a very light gray.

I also got this picture from Pinterest of what my farmhouse sink will look like. Ahhh I cannot wait...I've always wanted this sink. It definitely was more then we were expecting my husband is so sweet and knows how much I want it so I'm getting it :)

Here are some pictures I found online of what my stove top and vent hood are going to look like. The vent hood will go to the ceiling and so will the gray subway tiles. 

I think I'll go with accent colors of a soft blue and yellow with the gray color scheme. For the bar stools I want something metal and industrious looking. 

The feel of our house we want a modern, rustic, shabby chic, cozy feeling. Got all that ;) Ha! We started watching the show Fixer Upper on HGTV (if you don't watch you have to start!) and Joanna's style on the show is EXACTLY our style and how we want our house. My Pinterest boards are filled with pins from her show that I hopefully can try to recreate and make into our own style.

My next post will be on the breakfast/dining room! Another room I cannot wait to get working on!

first of many

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

So here is my first of probably many vents...

A month ago this Thursday, Cameron and I went to deco to pick out all the finishes of our new home. The builder was very adamant that we get in and out of deco in 10 days. We had to 2-2 hour meetings to pretty much pick out every single detail of the house. Thankfully we were prepared. Thanks mostly to Pinterest ;) I pretty much knew what I wanted the house to look like and Cameron agreed. It's nice that we have the same taste in home decor! So back up to that first meeting. We actually had a really great time picking everything out and our design consultant was super nice! So we scheduled our next meeting for the following week. Things at this point moving along quickly and we were very excited. 

Fast forward to now.

That second meeting...well it's been rescheduled 4 times. It just happens that after we signed all the papers for this house, Jimmy Jacobs (our home builder) was selling out to a larger home builder Drees. So as this process for them has been going on our actual home plans have been put on hold. They have to be approved by the new builder before they can be sent to deco and deco can't give us a final estimate until they have the actual floor plans. So in other words, it's a huge big mess! A huge mess that we have no control over, which for Cameron and I poses a predicament. WE ARE SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!! When we started this whole process we told our representative from JJ that we needed everything done with the planning before we left for our Disney trip Oct 5 so they could start building. She assured us that it would all be finished mid September.

And here we are...mid September and no end in sight.

The house plans have been approved so now we are just waiting for deco to finish the estimates and call us back out. We have 18 days until we leave for Disney and still so much to do before they can start building. We have to finish deco, meet with the builder on our lot and decide where the house will be placed, which trees we want to keep and where the driveway will be placed. All of this within 18 days and that's not counting weekends. To say we are stressed would be the understatement of the century.

When all this is done I know we are going to look back and think how worth it the whole process was. As of right now I can't stop asking myself if we are really making the right decision with this whole moving and building a new home. I know this is only the first a many stresses we will face so I am going to do my best to sit back and breathe and give this process to God for I know he will take care of us :)

it's up

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The for sale sign that is. Friday evening our realtor called and asked if he could show our house Saturday afternoon. Considering the actual listing date is October 9th to say we were a little thrown off guard would be the understatement of the century! He was showing the house across the street and figured why not show ours. This brought up a lot of emotions for me. First of all I am not at all ready to move. So the thought of someone liking and wanting our house freaked me out. We are going to Disney for a week at the beginning of October (hence our listing date) and packing and moving before that are seriously out of the question. Secondly this was our first showing...the first time a total stranger walked through our house and nit picked everything. I felt a little defensive of my house. I love this house. If it was a little bigger and on a little more land we could be happy here the rest of our lives. We've upgraded every room and they are gorgeous! Would they realize that when they walk through the front door that each of our babies were carried through it the first time they came home? When they looked in the bathroom how many happy memories we have of the kids bathing together and splashing everywhere? 

No of course they won't. 

It's all part of the process. 

They of course need to imagine themselves here and all the new memories they can make. That is why as you walk through my house you will not see a single picture of the faces that I love so much. The walls are bare and generic in hopes that a new family will walk through the door and picture all the amazing memories that they can make in this gorgeous home.

Yesterday was a day of firsts for us. Our first showing and first for sale sign. The couple that looked at the house weren't interested. They were older and the house was too big for them. I was informed though, that they thought it was beautiful and would make a perfect home for someone else. 

So our journey continues and as more strangers come walking through the front door I am sad and excited for the one family to walk through and feel at home. Just like Cameron and I did as newlyweds 11 years ago.

my little milly is 2

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yesterday my little Milly girl turned 2. I cannot believe she is already 2. I can vividly remember the day she was born. I remember walking around all day with contractions while the boys were at school and Cameron was at work wondering if it would be the day. Hoping secretly that she would hold off until the 12th because at the time the thought of her having her birthday on 9/11 just didn't seem right. I didn't want every year on her birthday people to remember one of the worst days in American history...I wanted more for her. So I silently prayed that she would wait until the 12th.

But she didn't...

At 11:08pm she was born. When I got to the hospital around 5pm I was only 3cm dilated and everyone thought it would for sure be the 12th. At 10:30pm I got an epidural and was only all our worries of a 9/11 birthday went away.  The nurses told me to get some rest. I closed my eyes and not even 10 minutes later all the monitors were going off and a herd of nurses rushed into the room. I knew something was wrong. The were flipping me over, giving me oxygen and then one of the nurses checked me and I was fully dilated and about to have her. My water had broke but of course with the epidural I couldn't feel it, and went from a 5 to 10 pretty much immediately. Cam said he remembers looking at the clock at that point and it was 11pm. 8 minutes later she was in my arms. It was fast and furious but that girl was determined to come on 9/11. And honestly knowing her now it suits her. On a day when people are sad and remembering a horrific event, I look at her and smile. She is the perfect reminder of all the good in the world and now I am thankful that her birthday is 9/11.

Yesterday we celebrated with family at our favorite restaurant in town. We had a rainbow theme party...which honestly I have literally been planning since she was a newborn ;). It was a great day and I cannot wait to see what this next year of my spunky, prissy, sweet and loving little Sissy has to offer!

new house floor plan

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So one of the things I immediately fell in love with was this floor plan. I mean seriously, it couldn't be more perfect for our family then if we designed it ourselves. It has tons of rooms, bathrooms and closets. thing the house we live in now is lacking causing the ones we do have to be overflowing. I.cannot.wait!
Here's a computer generated image of the front of the house. On the right side of the blog is an actual picture of the house. The neighborhood we are moving into hasn't built this model yet so we were really going into this whole building a home thing pretty blind. Our rep from the home builder told us that there was a model build in another neighborhood about an hour away from us. So one Friday Cameron and I drove out there because seriously I had to walk through the house. It's one thing to fall in love with the floor plan but I needed to see it. See the walls, how long the hallways were, how big the rooms were. Numbers don't work for me, I needed a visual. As we pulled up to our surprise the house was the exact stucco  and stone we had chose for ours. So the house on the right is pretty much exactly what our home will look like (but we will have a ton more trees!).

Okay back on track...

Here's the floor plan

One thing I've always wanted for the boys was to have a jack and jill bathroom. When I first saw this floor plan that was one of the huge selling points for me. Right now they share a room but in the new house they won't. So I love that with the bathroom doors open they can see into each other's rooms. We are also going to place their beds so when they are in them at night they can see each other. My boys are best friends. I am really lucky that they get along so well and genuinely love each other's company. Milly's room will be over on the left upstairs which leaves the bedroom downstairs as a guest room.
The study will be a homework room for now. We are going to put a big long table in there with chairs for all the kids. I love that they can sit in there are get their work done and I'll just be a few steps away in the kitchen or living room. Oh and I have so many ideas for decorating that room cute...eeekkk!!!!

We've already picked out all the deco for the house so post on that will be coming soon! But first my baby is turning 2 tomorrow! Where has the time gone ;( Off to finish up some last minute deets for her party tomorrow...

Back at it...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Here I go...again...

I use to love to blog! Like really really loved it. I had a cute little blog all about my family (here it is ) and it was so much fun to keep up with. Then I lost interest...mostly thanks (not really) to facebook. Facebook came along and it seemed all the blogs I loved to read dwindled away as mine did. It was a fad and honestly after months of being off fb I'm all done with it. It use to be fun chatting with friends in real time and seeing pics of their cute kids and all the fun things they did. Then it became all about "look at me and how great I am" or people attacking each other for feeling a certain way. It lost all realness and became bad for my soul. So I'm done with that and back to this...writing about people I love and things I love and hard times, good times and everything in between. Back to what is good for my soul... here is the purpose for this new blogging adventure...


I know you are probably thinking "who cares people move everyday" but seriously y'all I'm not those people. I can count on 1 hand (minus little moves in college) the homes I've lived in. This current home, well, we've lived here 11 years. This is the first home Cameron and I bought together as a married couple. And we are planning to leave it...soon...very soon and honestly I'm not sure how I feel. It's the first home we fixed up together, where we brought all 3 of our babies home too, where those 3 babies took their first bite of food, first steps, said their first words. 

Yes I really am that sentimental.

But we are growing out of it. We need more room. More closets, more bedrooms, more outdoor space for our kids to run around like the maniacs they are. So we have to move. Pick up the memories we've made and take them with us to a new home where new memories await us. And this new it's gorgeous. I feel overwhelmed with luck that I get to live there. It's going to be ours, brand new. Everything in it exactly how we chose and I cannot wait to see it. On a little over an acre so our kids will have space. Outdoor space to be kids, trees to climb like little boys should be able to do. Eventually a pool for us to swim in whenever we want. And a view...seriously y'all the view is going to be amazing. Country. Be still my heart...

But with all that I'm still afraid. Mostly of the unknown because I've never sold a home let alone the only home my family has ever known. Aiden (our oldest) cried a little the other night at the thought of moving everything and leaving our neighbors. Not only am I dealing with moving our things but I'm going to have to deal with the emotions that moving a family from the only home they know dishes out. I'm afraid of building a home from nothing. We've never done that. Thankfully we have an amazing home builder who will take care of most of the troubles but still, it's all the unknown for us.

Saturday evening after I put the kids to bed and cleaned up the house I felt an overwhelming sense that I wanted to document our journey on a blog. Like I said before I love blogging and this is the perfect way to deal with the stress and excitement of all this.

So join us on our journey.

Hello, I'm Jenny a thirty-something wife to my best friend/mom of 3/stay at home mom/Catholic/lover of anything DIY or crafty/baker/and terrified of this whole moving thing. Nice to meet you... 
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