Christmas tradition day 3

Monday, December 22, 2014

Visiting Santa!!!!!!!!!

I mean seriously what is a Christmas season without the classic Santa pic ;)

I was a little worried about how Sissy would react to Santa this year so we started talking it up beginning of December. We looked at pictures of Santa, watched movies with  Santa and little miss was SO excited to go see him. She would say "Santa, Santa" over and over. Even after we stood in line for what seemed like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. as we turned the corner and she saw him she was still so excited. 

Then we started walking towards him.

And let's just say all that excitement turned to fear...

Ha! Poor baby girl was not at all thrilled to see Santa or be anywhere around him. Now when we say "do you want to see Santa" she quickly replies "no no Santa, no no Santa friend" ;)

Her outfit was adorable though so I just had to share :)

shirt: Crazy 8
Boots: Stride Rite

Poor Sissy...maybe next year. The boys, on the other hand, we thrilled! They couldn't wait to tell Santa all they want for Christmas. Asher's list was that a teenager might ask for...Golden Beats headphones ($250) an iphone ($100) and ipad ($350). After he told Santa, Santa looked at me like good luck ;) Needless to say we have prepared him that Santa might not be bringing any of those things so a much less more age appropriate list was made as well.

As a kid my parents made Santa and Christmas morning so special for us. I always looked forward to having my own children and keeping the spirit and magic alive for them. I love how excited, even at almost 9 years old, Aiden gets when he sees Santa. In his heart he truly believes which makes my heart happy. I'm not sure how many more years we will have, heck this could even be the last, with all the kids believing but trust me when I say I am cherishing each one.

As with the pj's pictures I set out the Santa pictures every year to look at. This year I don't get to see those either. I'm really kicking myself for not pulling that stuff out! Here are a few that I dug up off my computer and instagram from past Santa visits.






2007... the year Aiden wouldn't sit on Santa's lap ;)

I love how back then I wouldn't have imagined letting my screaming child sit on his lap. 3 kids later I just throw them up there and yell "take the picture!" Ha! Oh how times have changed ;)

Only 2 more days of traditions! Ahh...Christmas is almost here!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas traditions day 2

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our second Christmas tradition is baking Christmas cookies!

Every year the boys and I bake cookies together. I started in 2007 when Aiden was a year and a half. I have always loved baking yummy treats so I couldn't wait to get my kids involved. Every year it's gotten easier and more fun. Even though the first few years weren't as relaxing I still love thinking back to how cute my little guys were helping.

 that little face :)

This year it was fun getting Sissy involved. At first, in true Sissy form, she wasn't so sure about it and the sprinkles pretty much just made her mad ;) But once she realized it was sugar she was pretty happy about it!

 of course the only picture we got of her, Aiden's arm is in the way

The cookies were super yummy and let's just say didn't stay on the counter long ;) I think Grandpa is liking us living here with all the goodies we bring home and cook up!

More traditions to come tomorrow!

Christmas traditions day 1

Saturday, December 20, 2014

*Everyday till Christmas I am going to post one of our family's Christmas traditions!*

One of my most favorite things to do over the Christmas season is buy the kids matching/coordinating PJ's. I started Aiden's first Christmas by buying him cute jammies for Christmas morning and taking his picture by the tree. Then continued every year with the cute matching jammies. Every year I frame the pictures and set them out for the month of December. This year, I have to say, I was a little sad when I realized I won't be seeing all those years of cute little faces in their matching jammies since all those pictures are packed away in storage. 

Because of packing and moving I ordered their Pj's a little late. By the time I went shopping online for them there were slim pickings in the boys sizes. Plus they are starting to get an opinion about what they wear so I had to try and find some cool themed pj's. Luckily Carters had the cutest animal themed ones this year! 

I love them! They aren't traditional but seriously so cute in person. And Amelia's are so super soft.

And y' will never believe this. I got this picture on the second try! 

We were all yelling that it was a Christmas miracle ;) Ha!

Here are a few Christmas Pj pictures of the past


2012 (minus Sissy)

2011 (this was one of my fav years. Look at these cutie pies!!!!!



2008 is the only year I'm missing ;(


2006 (not by tree)

 Come back tomorrow to see our next tradition!

i love this day

Friday, December 19, 2014

and it's just started ;)

One of my favorite days of the year is the last day of school before Winter Break for the kiddos. They get to wear PJ's to school, which every year has become a tradition that they get a new pair for school. When they were little I would buy them tons of jammies...I just loved how cute they were. As they have gotten older the pretty much sleep in old tshirts and boxers. And let's be honest, I would NEVER send them to school in that. So after Thanksgiving they are already planning on what kind of new PJ's they want. This year Ash went with a UT theme and Aiden (no surprise) picked something blue. This is the first year some kind of cartoon character has not been involved. 

And for your viewing pleasure. 

It's just not a real series of pictures without one of Asher's classic weird smiles ;)

So...back to my favorite day...

Cameron gets off work early, brings me lunch and then we head off to the boy's Christmas parties at school. Their school has some very strict rules, one being that parents are not allowed in the classroom. So I love and always look forward to the 3 parties they have a year where we can be involved. It's always fun seeing them in their school environment with their friends. 

We usually leave a little early and head off to the mall to see Santa and do a little Christmas shopping. The evening always ends with a yummy dinner out and maybe driving around and looking at Christmas lights. I'm so excited to see how little Sissy reacts to Santa ;) Last year it slowly went from liking him to hating the sight of him! ha! Tis the season.

And to top off my favorite day, this morning I went by the house to see we had shingles!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!

So much has been going on there this week...electrical, cable, phone, alarm wiring, framing being finished, roof and the last of the windows arrived. We also had a little surprise when the loan company called and said we needed to get some paperwork done because they were told we might be ready to close on February 28th!!!!! Holy Moly...that's a month sooner then we were expecting! I will pass out if this is true ;)

we have a front door!

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's just a temporary front door but for us it's pretty exciting ;) Now when you walk around the house it feels like a home with all the windows and doors. Well, almost all the windows. Each of the kids were suppose to have really small windows but once we picked our lot and saw how beautiful the upstairs views were we changed the plans and ordered a bigger window. Those were however ordered wrong so now we wait for the new order of windows to come in.

Other then that everything is going great. The AC duct work was done and the furnace was installed.

looking up at the living room ceiling

Back door was installed (this is the real door)

Fireplace installed (Asher's thought it was a TV) lol!

And the trim was painted outside. I LOVE the color! Cannot wait to see the stone and stucco.

We went out Sunday afternoon. We thought it was suppose to be nice weather wise but it was humid and rainy. The kids still had a blast picking up leftover pieces of stuff and beating things with it. They crack me up!

Milly loves running around. She will run off and then yell "help Daddy" and Daddy has to go and save her ;)

And my favorite pic from the loves and I. 

I think this is the best picture we've ever taken as the 4 of us. I just truly love being a's the best isn't it? I love how one minute I can gush over how perfect they are and then a few seconds later they can make me madder then any human on this planet ;) Ha! But when it's all said and done my heart could literally explode from how much I love them :)

This life is SO amazing! 

the in between moments

Friday, December 5, 2014

So because we sold our home so fast and were homeless, my wonderful parents let us move in. I was a little nervous about the 5 of us coming into a home with 2. Thankfully my parents are awesome and everything has been great! Better then I ever could have imagined. I mean seriously what could me more fun then having Christmas with your family in the house you grew up in. 

Here's what we've been up to

Cuddling by the Christmas tree
be still my heart :)

Giving ourselves "tadoos" while mommy unpacks

Taking selfies while waiting in carline for the boys

Playing with toys we forgot about
he has a shirt for hat! lol

Overall life has been pretty great...hectic but great. I mean who wouldn't feel lucky to spend all day with this little cutie :)

She jumped up in Asher seat and said "buckle mommy" then gave me this goofy grin. Quit trying to grow up so fast on my sissy ;)

Oh and we made a stop at the new house today and voila!

I'm thinking this means we could have shingles soon! Yippee!

we moved, it looks like a house and more...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I will never move again.

I will never move over a holiday weekend again.

Famous last words right? ;)

Last Friday we moved out of our home and in with my parents. Last Saturday the movers came and moved all our belongings into storage. So that's where we are right now. Thanksgiving was the last day at our house. We woke up, watched the parade in front of the fireplace and just enjoyed being together one last time. Then we got dressed and took a family photo outside the house. 
I love that it looks like the house is winking at us with that one shade pulled close ;)

The home that 11 years ago a young newlywed couple moved into with such a bright future. The home where 3 children were brought to only days old. The home where those children grew and our whole family grew with more love then that young couple could have ever imagined. This home protected us and watched us grow and allowed us to make so many memories. I will forever love this home and I will never forget 107 Windmill Cove as one of the happiest places I ever lived. I hope my kids one day drive by it and have fond memories of the time we spent there.

But we must move forward. And that we are doing. 

After we took the picture we drove out to the new house. As we walked around the new house I just felt happy and excited. I pictured us scurrying around in a year from then getting everything ready to host our first holiday. It's exciting seeing our future in this home. I seriously cannot wait. Before we left to head over to my sister's for Thanksgiving we took another family photo...this time in front of our future home. 

We have so much to be thankful for this year. A year ago I would have never believed you if you told me this is where we would be.

Last Saturday after we got everything moved we drove out to the new house again. This time we were pleasantly surprised it actually looked like a house!

seriously could this picture be any more perfect :)

Here is walking in the house

Homework Room on the right off entry hallway

Looking into the kitchen and eating room (on left) from the living room

Looking into the living room from the kitchen

Master bedroom

More living room


Upstairs living

Balcony that overlooks living

Looking over balcony

Cameron met with the contractor and he said we are right on schedule to close in March. AHHH!!!!!!!!! It could seriously not get here soon enough :)

We are also thinking the entire outside of the home will be finished by the end of this year. Let's pray for good weather!

As for living with my parents so far it's been pretty great! I helped my Dad set up his new TV and Sunday we decorated the house for Christmas. If I had to live anywhere while we waited for the new house I am so happy and lucky it gets to be in the house I lived in many years ago as a young girl with such big dreams. And thanks to my best friend and partner in crime all those dreams are becoming a reality :)

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